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How To Get My Business On Top Of Google Search SEO Tips For Beginners That Will Get You Ranking 2024

How to get my business on top of Google Search is a question that gets asked time and time again. Having built your own website you now need people on Search Engines to find your site or business online. So how do I get my business to show up first on Google? Follow our 10 SEO Tips to Get on the First Page of Google.

SEO Tip 1. - Build Your Own Website

Today anyone can start an online business if they build a website, add pictures, create lots of great interesting content that visitors are looking for and update the site regularly. You can even sell stuff online on your own online store and make an extra income in today's tough times. No web guy needed thanks to website builders like EasySite and WordPress.

On Page SEO

Think, "On Page SEO" when you start to create your own website. What is On Page SEO? On Page SEO is anything you do on your website. Get this SEO right and you will have a busy site when combined with Off Page SEO. Start your On Page SEO by researching the opposition, type keywords and keyword phrases into Google and check out the top 5 sites for the keywords you're hoping to rank for. Remember Sponsored Ads are first make sure you look for Organic results.

Now that you have a few sites that are ranking for the keyword terms you used, you can find out how big those sites are and how many pages are in their sitemap. This helps you create your On Page SEO for your site based on those sites that are ranking first page for your keyword search term searches. Now go to and enter the opposition's URL on the sitemap test and then hit the Checkup button. Use the sitemap link provided to check out each page of your oppositions website. Look at the Home page first, copy the content by right clicking on the page, next click select all. Next click on WordCounter and paste the content to see how many words are on the page, keywords, and keyword phrases for the page and lots more.

Using the information you can now start to plan your Homepage as you know what you are up-against. Never copy from another site as this will destroy your SEO. Use unique quality content, use the Heading tags (H1 to H6) followed by a paragraph of text. Include images and make sure to add a keyword phrase to the image alt tag. Use Bold and Italic text to show search engines those words are important. When adding a keyword phrase or Keywords make sure using the WordCounter that you don't over optimize those keywords and phrases. Make sure the keyword density is below 6% and your On Page SEO will be good. Remember your Homepage is the most important page on your site, to compete for a place on top of search results you need to have the same amount of content or more on your home page than your opposition.