How To Create Online Shop

Learn how to create online shopping store using Easysite's Ecommerce website builder, follow our Easysite tutorials and learn how to design an eCommerce website yourself. If you would like to start an online shop then you have found the top eCommerce website builder to build an online store with, use Easysite.

Once you have used the online form to sign up and create a website using Easysite (try it free for 30 days) you can create online store by using the store page. How to find your online Easysite store page. "Login" >> "Site Admin" >> "Pages Tab" look for the "Store Page" and switch it on. Look at your menu, you will see a menu tab with "STORE" click the store tab. You are now ready to set up and build an online store using Easysite's Ecommerce website builder.

How To Set Up Your Store Page And Create Online Shop

To create an Ecommerce site you need an Ecommerce website builder that has Ecommerce software built into the Ecommerce website builder. Below is Easysite's Ecommerce site builder that is included for free when you create a website using Easysite. You will need to sign up to PayPal to create online shopping store using Easysite.

Ecommerce Website Builder
Set up and build an online store using Easysite's Ecommerce website builder.

Adding A Secure Online Payment System When You Create Online Store

Having a secure payment system is important when you create an online store. PayPal keeps your customers banking details secure when they make purchases on your online store. PayPal is considered one of the safest ways to receive money online. All PayPal transactions are protected by advanced data encryption. PayPal also offers seller protection protocols to prevent fraudulent activities and make the platform safe for sellers. Add your PayPal email address in the box that says "PayPal Account Email" and your secure payment is done.

Currency Preference: Change the currency preference to the currency you wish to display on your online store page. This will display the currency you choose on your online store page.

Allow Customer Reviews: Customers love reviews from other customers about the products when they are shopping online. Allowing customer reviews will benefit your sales provided you give excellent service when selling your online products.

Send Order Receipt Emails: Send order receipts to "Admins", "Admins and Customers" or don't send to anyone. The setting is preset to send to "Admins" which means that "Admin" will receive an email when a purchase is made with the details of what was purchased.

Using Your Ecommerce Website Builder To Add Items To Your Department

How To Add A Department: Click the blue "Add Department" link to add a department, give your "Department Title" a name. For this Easysite tutorial I have chosen men's clothes. You can add a title that best describes the products that you are selling online.

Adding A Department Picture: Having a department picture helps the customer to know what the department is about and what products are in the department.

Add a department to create online store.
Start by adding your first department. Example I have chosen men's clothing.

As you can see once you have added a department (Men's Clothing) and a image your store page will now look like the below image. Don't forget to add your PayPal email address in the "PayPal Account Email" box.


Adding a department using the best Ecommerce site builder.
Adding a department and picture for the department is easy with Easysite's online shop builder.

Build An Online Store By Adding Your Products To A Department

To start adding items to your department you should now click the blue link that you created when you named the department. In this example I would click the blue link that says "Mens Clothes" to add the products.

Add an item
Add items to your department by clicking the blue add item link.

Add Item Title, Quick Description, Detailed Description, Up To Five Images, Product ID And Lots More

Rated as one of the top Ecommerce website builders Easysite makes it easy to build an online store no HTML or CSS coding knowledge required. Once the blue "Add Item" link has been clicked you should be on a page that looks like the below image.

Enter the item title, description, price, image and more of the item you are selling.
Rated as one of the top Ecommerce website builders Easysite makes it easy to build an online store.

Fill the online form in with all the details of the item you wish to sell.

    Give as much details as you can to:

  • The item name
  • The item weight
  • The item ID
  • The price of the product. You can also have a different price for members of your online store when you create online shop, this way you can advertise that members will get a discount and get customers to become members of your site.
  • Quick description should be a brief description of the product
  • Detailed description can be about the product but with a lot more details
  • Easysite's Ecommerce website builder allows up to five images to show your customers the product when you create an create online store, you can add more images by clicking the blue link that says "Add More Pictures"
  • Options is used to order different sizes or colors of the product. For example small, medium and large, or different colors of the item
  • Rated as one of the top Ecommerce website builders Easysite makes it easy to build an online store. Start an online store and make money online, it's easy when you choose Easysite

Enter The Fields In The Form

Add your item to the Ecommerce website builder making sure to fill in the required fields. This information will be displayed on your store page. It's easy to create online store when you use the best Ecommerce website builder on the Web.

Enter the fields on the form.
Enter the details of the item in the space provided on the form. See above sample do the same for your items.

Your Easysite Store Page

This is what your visitor will see when they visit your store page. This department is for "Men's Clothes" you can add more departments in the same way as the men's clothes department. Each department will be displayed here. When a visitor clicks on the department they will then be taken to all the items in that department. See next image.

How to create online store.
Once you reached this point your first item has been added to the department on your online store.

Displaying Your Item On The Store Page

Visitors can see the quick description, the price, size and picture of the item. Visitors can also add to cart.

Visitors can see the quick description, the price, size and picture of the item. They can add to cart or if the click the image they can get a lot more details about the item. See next image.

Create Online Store

Create Online Store - Each item that you add to your store page will be displayed similar to the below image. As you can see the information and pictures you uploaded and entered in the fields on the form is displayed on the store page. Visitors can view the different images on the page. Read all about the item from the description that was added using the Ecommerce website builder. Update the size (small, medium, large) before adding to cart.

Once added to cart PayPal will take care of the payment. After an order is made you will get an email from Easysite and PayPal giving you details of what was sold and contact details of the person that made the purchase. After you receive the payment and emails all you need to do is package and post the item to the purchaser.

After you have entered all the details about the item you are selling, you will have a page that looks like this.
Each item you add will have its own store page.

If you have been looking for the best Ecommerce website builder to create online store then try Easysite. Start an online shop and sell your items online. Why not build an online store with the best Ecommerce website builder on the Web. Try the Easysite website builder FREE for 30 days.

Start An Online Shop Using Easysite And Get A Free Domain And Super Fast Web Hosting

FREE Domain Name: Start an online shop using Easysite and get a free domain for life as long as you are a customer. Or if you own your own domain, ask me to point your domain to your online shop before you start an online shop. (Better for your sites SEO). You will need to make your first payment only then can you claim a free domain, or add a domain you all ready own.

Super Fast Reliable Hosting: Fast reliable web hosting is very important when you are thinking about creating an Commerce site. That's why you should use one of the best Ecommerce site builders like Easysite. Easysite has all the web design features required to build an online store: Super fast reliable hosting, FREE domain name, and lots more.

Learn how to create a website step by step even if you have no HTML or CSS coding knowledge.

Protect Your Users, And Your Online Shop

Making Your Online Shop Secure Is A Must. Visitors to your online shop probably won't make a purchase if your site is not secure. (Display the lock in the address bar). If your online shop is not secured with HTTPS it essentially means that all data submitted through your online shop could be intercepted by someone who is not supposed to have it. This includes contact add to cart forms, (banking details) contact forms, logins, chat logs, and browsing patterns.

When you design Ecommerce website it should be secure. There are a few ways to make your domain secure. If you require any help to make your domain name secure please contact me.


How To Choose An Ecommerce Platform for 2024

In today's World it can be very confusing to find the top Ecommerce website builder that's why out of all the top Ecommerce website builders that I have used, (WordPress, Yola, Joomla, Drupal and the rest of the website builders and platforms I found Easysite beats them all. That's why I have shared my top choice in this article. If you still uncertain about how to build an online store there are certain factors to consider as you shop around.

Sales Features

Ecommerce website builders usually offer similar basic sales features, customer reviews, and a variety of payment gateways. Searching for the right Ecommerce website design that's right for your business can be stressful. Make sure to scrutinize each plan to see what’s included for the price. What sort of shipping or delivery options can you add? Can you try the Ecommerce website builder free, without any banking details? Try Easysite FREE for 30 days. Use all the features, including Ecommerce software start an online shop no coding knowledge required.

Features and Apps

Compare your Ecommerce website builders sales features. Consider the quality and quantity of general website features your Ecommerce website builder has. Can you try all the features FREE? Is there someone to help with security features, such as an SSL certificate? Do you get a free domain name? Can you make it a membership site? With Easysite the answer is yes. Features include making a membership site, best eCommerce software, responsive themes, FREE domain name, built in email forms, online calendar, guest book page, video chat/video streaming from your site, blog, SEO friendly web pages, send email blasts to followers and members and lots more.

Web Design And Functionality

Learning how to design a website and setting it all up is not a complicated process when you use Easysite. The good news is when you create online store using Easysites Ecommerce website builder you get 30 days to try all the features. You can browse the available templates, see and try all the features before adding any banking details.

Easy To Use No HTML Or CSS Coding Knowledge Required

Most people do not have web design experience, that's why you should choose an Ecommerce website builder that offers a user-friendly interface and experience. You will find when you create an Ecommerce website using Easysites Ecommerce website builder the back-end dashboard and editor are extremely easy to use and do all the coding for you.

Value For Money

What you pay for is what you get! Use cheap slow hosting, or a Ecommerce website builder that starts cheap to catch you and as you require more features the price goes up, be warned. Premium WordPress themes cost extra, also some WordPress plugins start for free but require a monthly payment to get more features or use all their features the plugin has to offer. You want to know what costs are going to be right from the start.

Create an online shop using Easysite and get all the features: Try Easysite FREE for 30 days - $19.95 /Monthly

Create An Online Shop

Easysite tutorials helping you build an online store using Easysite. 10 Step-By-Step website building tutorials.

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