Easysite's Referral Program - How To Create A Free Website From Easysite

Create A Free Website using Easysite, try it free for 30 days, no bank card details needed. Easysite Tutorials Step 1 Create A Website Free. Learn how to take advantage of Easysite's referral program and you could create a free website. You will need to login and go to "Admin" see image below. Once you are in "Admin" click the "Referral" button. Next choose the code you would like to use and paste it on your site. Easy as that. Maintain five or more customers and never pay for your site again! That's right your get your existing site for free. You can now continue to create a free website from Easysite.

Step 9 - Follow all our Easysite Tutorials and build a better website.

Easysite's referral program is easy to use, follow this Easysite tutorial and you may get a free month or more. Maintain five or more customers and never pay for your site again! That's how you can create a free website. Share your link on social media accounts and tell them how great Easysite is to use. Sign ups that are paying customers will be shown under the heading "How You Doing" currently it says "So far, no friends have signed up" on your new Easysite website.

Easysite's referral program - The easy way to get your site for free!

Text Link Code


My text link above do not copy go to "Referrals" on your Easysite website to get your referral link. You can include your Easysite referral link in a link. This way you could include a recommendation somewhere on your site and post the link in the content.
Example: Build a Easysite website

As you can see the codes with your referral link and referral banners will look like the link and banners on the right and bottom of the page. If you are on a mobile device the banners will be below. Display any of these banners on your site by simply coping the referral code on your Easysite and then pasting the code on one/all of your pages.

Small Button Code

Large Button Code

Sky Scraper Code

Small Banner Code

Large Banner Code

Rules: All referrals must be new to Easysite and have never signed up with Easysite before. A "referral" becomes a "customer" when they purchase the Easysite website service. Customers that misuse or abuse the program will be excluded from participation and any earned awards will be revoked.

How It Works

  1. Introduce friends to Easysite using the personalized referral tools below
  2. When a referral becomes an Easysite customer you earn a free month of service
  3. Maintain five or more customers and never pay for your site again!

Easysite tutorials helping you build a better website using Easysite.

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Author: Michael John