Terms And Conditions PayPal Gift Card

Listed below are the terms and conditions associated with our PayPal Gift card program. When you sign up to the hosting we recommend we give you cash back as a thank you. (Cash back is in the form of a PayPal gift card. Not cash!)

Payment $30.00 Gift Card

Boost your PayPal wallet with a PayPal Gift Card from us. Use your $30 PayPal gift card to do online shopping, sending gifts, or covering fees, this card offers a quick and dependable solution. Bid farewell to complex procedures and embrace the ease of adding credit to your PayPal account, enriching your overall online payment experience. Effortless online shopping with the reward able PayPal Gift Card.

With PayPal's widespread acceptance, this card facilitates secure online payments effortlessly. Whether you're settling phone bills, or purchasing prepaid services, this card simplifies the entire process. Enjoy the assurance of having a secure method for all your online payment requirements.

Gift cards are $30.00 - Email us (info@2createawebsites.com) confirmation of your sign up to Green Geeks hosting by forwarding the Green Geeks sign up email sent to you. Please delete or remove any passwords before you forward the Green Geeks email.

All PayPal Gift card commissions are processed and sent to sign ups 40-50 days after the end of the month in which the sale occurred. Due to the 30 day money back guarantee.

When Gift Card payment is due and hosting purchase is confirmed by Green Geeks you will be emailed the Gift Card.

We also get a notification of customers that purchase the hosting from Green Geeks. We do not pay scammers!

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