How To Get On Google And Rank

How to get on Google? If you have a business you need to know how to get on Google, one way is to make a website and tell the world your in business. This way you can grow your business online. You need to start building a good website. Even if you get your site to rank high if its poor quality it will reflect a bad image of your business. Your website is your front door you want lots of visitors to enter. Visitors will either walk past your door or enter.

This means that you not only have to have your SEO up to scratch but the information and look on your site are also important. So if you want to know how to get on Google and rank high make sure you have a great site design, put a lot of effort into your SEO, add great content, start a blog and you will be on your way.

How to get your website on Google

Make Sure Your Site Is SEO Friendly

Make sure your site is SEO friendly by following these tips:

  • Make sure each page has a title, include primary keywords for the page first in the title, titles must be unique, and no more than 70 characters.
  • Each page should have a good description, I always copy the first paragraph of the pages content and edit it to fit in the description tag. This way you include the words in your description tag and this gives you a accurate description. The description tag should be longer than 140 characters but not exceed 160 characters.
  • Use search engine friendly URLs, eg: the same as the keyword for the page.
  • Use only one H1 tag on each page and then use H2 to H6 tags to break up the page into sections. Under each heading have good unique quality content about the heading and plenty of it. You can use the H2 to H6 tags more than once on the same page.
  • Keep pages fast loading, avoid to many images, if you have images optimize them and name them with different keywords for the page. Include keywords phrases in the image alt tag.
  • Remember content is king you need plenty of it. Also you will need some good inbound links from sites with the same niche as yours.
  • How to get on Google is not that difficult, use common sense.

Once you know how to get on Google you need to know how to get on Google first page.

How to get on Google? It helps to submit your site to Google Webmaster tools and have a Site Map

Invite the three biggest search engines to crawl your site. Submit your URL to Google, Yahoo, and Bing webmaster tools for free.

This will notify search engine spiders that you have a website, and they will start to crawl your home page and index it, and look for more content on other pages.

Make sure you have a site map, also submit your site map to webmaster tools.

Each time you create new content, update old content, have a comment or any on-page-SEO your site map will inform Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Also its good SEO practice to have the site map link on the bottom of each page of your site. This will help spiders and visitors find new content and navigate your site.

Content Is King

If you want to know how to get hits on google remember content is king. Don’t copy from other sites. Write good quality content and lots of it, include a viarity of keywords in your content, heading tags, description and title tags.

Make sure you include links in the content to relevant pages on your site. This will help your visitors navigate and help spiders to discover all your content on your site.

Get Lots Of Inbound Links From Other Websites With The Same Niche

We all want to know how to get on google first page, there is no easy way it takes a lot of hard work and effort.

First your on-page SEO must be perfect, this is anything you do on your website.

Next your off-page SEO. If you want your site to get on google first page you need to spend some time finding good quality inbound links from the same niche as your site.

These links are counted as a vote and if you have enough good quality inbound links with the same niche as your site it will help you get on Google first page.

How to get on Google summery:

  1. Start building a website.
  2. Make sure its SEO friendly.
  3. Add plenty of good quality content.
  4. Find inbound links with the same niche as your site.

Do all this right and your site could be on google first page!

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How to rank on Google

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