Learn How To Register A Domain Name

Learn how to register a domain name in a few easy steps. Registering your domain or website address is an important part of building your own website. There are many reasons why people register a domain. The most common reason is that they want learn how to build a website using HTML and CSS codes. In addition, people will register a domain if they want to create a personalized email address. Although there are numerous free email providers around including Gmail, and Hotmail having a personalized email address can be a lot more impressive and professional, which is important if you run your own business.

In addition to creating an email address and setting up a website, there are other reasons too why people use a domain registrar service.

Some people use a domain registrar to protect their identity when purchasing their website address. Although this might sound slightly extreme, by registering a domain of your own name it means no one else can use it. It provides a safe and easy way to protect your identity. Planning ahead and buying a personal website address is also a great option for those people who plan to set up a personal website in the future.

Because they get snapped up so quickly, registering your domain in advance is a good idea. This means when you do eventually decide to take the time and learn how to register a domain name you won’t have to worry about someone else getting the name. Make sure you create a responsive website as more and more visitors use mobile phones to view websites. Remember to submit your site to search engines once completed. This will let Google and Bing know about your site.

Making Money When You Sell A Domain

Another reason people learn how to register a domain name is because they hope that at some point further down the line. They will be able to sell it. Website address registration is big business, and because it is very affordable, many people take the chance on registering domain names. If someone else wants it, there is a good chance they will buy it from you and you could make a bundle.

Website addresses are becoming much more valuable these days, and with so much competition out there in the business world, it’s important for businesses to have a relevant name for there website address. Thus, if you register a slightly unusual name, it could pay off. The person who registered viewit.com did exactly such a thing, and ended up selling it for a whopping $40,000! Not a bad profit when he paid less than $10,00 for it.

Of course, this is one of the exceptions, and most website addresses won’t sell for that much, although if you choose the right name to register, you could make yourself a bit of money. Or if you create a website you could sell the website including the domain.

How Does It Work

Registration is a very straight forward and simple process. If you are looking for a company to handle the registration process for you, look no further than GoDaddy. GoDaddy is one of the leading domain registration service provider, and have been providing excellent service and low prices for almost 20 years.

As experts in their field, they will help you every step of the way with your hosting and needs, including providing a valuable tool to help you discover if the website address you want is available. Once you have found your perfect website address, it’s quick and easy to register it and get your website and email address online.

Find A Domain Registrar Like GoDaddy

Find a domain registrar like GoDaddy to register a domain name it is quick and painless, and their fantastic support team is on-hand 24/7 to help you with any problems you might have. Once your name is registered it then becomes owned by the person who registered it. The Who is register is also automatically updated. This means that anyone who searches for the same web address will be directed to the Whois website where they can find out who owns the name.

If you are thinking of registering your domain name use one of the best registrars, look no further than GoDaddy. With their customer satisfaction guarantee and low prices, you will certainly be in safe hands. Don't forget if you sign up to Easysite you get a FREE domain.

Next you need a web site builder. Lots of websites that are currently on the internet are built using WordPress. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that is free to use find out how to create a website in WordPress step by step tutorials.

If you require any help to build a website or registering your website address please contact me. I can also make your domain secure.

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