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search engine submission

Search Engine Submission – Submit your site to Google and Bing

Search Engine Submission alerts search engines to your site’s existence and puts it on a list of sites to be crawled. This will let Google and Bing know about your site.

Search Engine Submission. What is search engine submission? Once you have decided on how you going to create a website, added content and images to the home page, and other pages create a sitemap to help visitors and search engine bots find your content. Its a good idea to submit your site to Google and Bing, this is know as search engine submission. This will let Google and Bing know about your site and could help it to get indexed a lot quicker.

Let Google And Bing Know About Your Site For Faster Indexing

Search Engine Submission alerts search engines to your site’s existence and puts it on a list of sites to be crawled, this of course is no guarantee of inclusion in the search engines index, but is quick to do and could help speed the process along.

You only have the home page completed and by submitting your site to search engines you alert them to your site’s existence. As you create new pages (content) the search engines will be notified by the sitemap of new content.

Google and Bing spiders will be crawling your home page because you submitted it and discover any new content on the site as they crawl your home page. When you are planning your site navigation try to keep pages no more than 3 clicks away from the home page. This will improve the page rank of those pages.

For best results use SEO inner link structure when planning your site navigation, this makes it easy for spiders to crawl your site and visitors to find a lot more content improving your bounce rate.

Submit your site to be crawled by major search engines below:

Submit Your Website To Search Engines

Submit Your Site To Google

Share your place with Google on the web. Enter your full URL. For example: Once Google has the home page indexed spiders will keep crawling and find any new pages that are added to the home page. Make sure you have a site map to help Google discover new content >> Add your URL to Google.

Submit Your Site To Bing

Tell Bing you have just created a website and would like it indexed on the Bing Search Engine >> Add your URL to Bing.

Webmaster Tools

Next you need to sign up to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster tools. You will be asked to place a small snippet of code in your site to verify that you are the site owner.

Once done also add your site map to help Google and Bing get notified of any new content. You will be able to sign in to both Google and Bing Webmaster tools and get reports on how your site is doing. Use these reports to see how well your site is doing and if there are any problems you will get a message.

Sign Up To – Google Webmaster Tools
Sign Up To – Bing Webmaster Tools

 In bound links to your site are essential.

Search engine submission is important and needs to be done when you first build a website. You can also contact other website owners with the same topic as your site to write a guest post on their site. Website owners are always looking for great unique content. If the site owner agrees to publish your article include a do-follow link in the article back to your home page or another important page on your site. Don't forget to use keyword rich anchor text about the page.

Broken links can damage your sites reputation with search engines. Check your site at least once a month with the broken link checker and remove or replace links that are broken.

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