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Everyone needs a website, this is no secret to the masses. That’s probably why there are over a hundred website builders. With so many website builders how can you possibly know which one is right for you? To find the answer you must first look at the problems people face when building a website. The first and most obvious thing is technical know how. In the past to get your website online has required you to know how to write in a programming language like HTML. Fortunately this is no longer the case.

Many website builders provide you with a way to get your website online without having to know how to write code.

Be careful many website builders limit you to editing a pre-built template

Unfortunately these “easy to use” web design tools can come with some serious limitations. For example many website builders limit you to editing a pre-built template. In this scenario you’re usually limited to putting a banner image at the top of your website, choosing a few photos, and then aligning your text left, center, or right. This method of building a website is fairly easy but it doesn’t help someone distinguish themselves online. After all it’s not uncommon to stumble across different websites built with the same template.

Another problem with most website builders is the fact the sites you create using them load slowly. A recent study showed the average person is willing to wait only about five seconds for a website to load before they move on. This makes total sense because there are so many websites on the internet. If your website doesn’t load fast it doesn’t matter how cool it looks, how great the content is, or anything else, the site visitor will never see it. That’s why you need to choose website builder that doesn’t just shove tens of thousands of websites on a single server and uses efficient code structure to ensure your webpages load quickly.

Create yourself an original looking website that loads fast and works

If you’re able to jump these first few hurdles and create yourself an original looking website that loads fast you’ll still need to connect a domain. A lot of people mistakenly think a domain name is the same thing as website, it’s not. A domain name is the web address where your site lives on the internet. It’s something like The website itself is made of your web pages which are hosted on a server. Getting your domain name connected with your website can be complicated and time consuming.

Typically people go out and register a domain name, then build their website and realize the two are not automatically going to work together. To get the domain name to resolve to the sever requires some technical skill and depending on where the domain name was registered can be a down right pain. To get that domain name to resolve you’ll need to make sure it’s pointed to the proper name servers and then those name servers have to have the proper a records, cnames, and IP addresses. The whole thing can be overwhelming for someone who would rather focus on running their business than building their website.

In 2005 there was a guy who was running a handful of websites and was facing all these issues. Frustrated not only with the limits of do it yourself website builders but also the high cost, and slow response times of hiring a web designer he set out to solve these problems. Adam Barger with a small group of motivated web developers engineered a new way to create websites. A year later WebStarts was born.

WebStarts was built from the ground up

Free platforms like WebStarts was built from the ground up on the idea businesses and organizations could liberate themselves from not just hiring web designers but also from the limitations of template bases website builders. With this in mind WebStarts created the first truly drag and drop web editor. With WebStarts you’re not limited to changing a few lines of text, and adding a few photos, on the same boring template being shared with so many other websites. Instead you can literally add anything to your web pages and drag and drop this thing wherever you’d like them to appear.

The WebStarts team knew web pages had to load fast. So they created powerful hosting environment that would ensure websites hosted on the WebStarts platform would be some of the fastest in the industry.

WebStarts engineered a way to connect a domain name with your website automatically

To top it all off WebStarts engineered a way to connect a domain name with your website automatically. WebStarts, for the first time allowed someone to go through the whole process of creating a totally unique website with a domain name connected from start to finish without having to know how to code or configure a domain name. And all of this could be done in a matter of a few minutes, changing the way people get their websites online forever.

Today WebStarts continues to innovate adding new apps to make adding powerful features to your website easier than ever. Just recently they released Google Maps for WebStarts. This new tool lets people easily add customized Google Maps to their website. They’ve also continued to innovate over the years becoming the only website builder that automatically allows you to accept credit card payments from your website, and much more.

Although WebStarts continues to be on the cutting edge of technology their business philosophy still focuses on old fashioned customer service. WebStarts is the only free website builder that provides a 1-800 number directly on their homepage. They have a staff of in-house, trained, web experts. You’ll never call WebStarts and get an outsourced agent reading a series of FAQs off of a computer screen.

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