10 Design Tips For Web Designers


Are you a web designer? Or maybe you are going to create your own website. Before you start read our 10 design tips for web designers and apply these tips to your site. People often underestimate the importance of web design when it comes to the success of their website. Regardless if you are thinking of launching a personal website, business website, company page, online store, or even a plain blog, you must remember that its design may determine the success you’ll have.

However, how can inexperienced users know which are some of the best design tips and ideas that may help them get the results they desire? In this post we’ve gathered a collection of the top 10 design tips for web designers that will certainly be appreciated by both experienced and inexperienced designers who are looking for some useful information on how to stay on top when they create a website or blog.

Design tips for web designers
10 Design tips for web designers

Work On Your Logo

Although the logo is considered to be one of the most general parts of your website, it is also one of the most important design elements! Make sure to spend enough time working on your logo in order to get a satisfying result because this is the image that will help you create a brand.

The best idea is to have a professional and polished logo that will be hyper-linked to your homepage.

As for positioning, the top left corner is naturally the part where you want your logo to be. Check out the cool way to design a logo.

Intuitive Navigation Is a Must

Remember that although your designer, your top priority should still be user experience. Even the best design ideas are not worth implementing if the users won’t be happy with the convenience they offer.

Intuitive navigation allows you to create a well-structured menu that users will understand how to use instantly. Apart from being more convenient, intuitive navigation can also be much prettier!

Keep in mind that the navigation can spread across the entire page – header, sidebar and footer.

Keep Your Design Clutter-free

Designers must learn to balance the amount of graphic elements they insert into their websites. At first adding something may look like a great idea but the more images you add, the bigger the clutter will be.

The final result may often turn out to be more unpleasing than you expected, so make sure to keep your designs clean and simple.

Format Content Better

Nobody likes to read long walls of text. This is why it is the job of every responsible designer to create some breathing space for the readers to create a better blog post.

All paragraphs must be properly formatted in order to leave some space between them. Images may also be used to split larger chunks of text in order to give users the chance to absorb all the information.

Learn to Understand Colors

Picking the right color scheme can do miracles with your design ideas. Learn which colors are liked most by users and keep track of the latest web design trends because they might help you stay on top of the competition.

The color scheme you use may also turn out to be a part of your brand, so keep it similar to your logo and other marketing materials.

Consider Hiring a Photographer

Depending on the field you are working in, you may need to add some photos to your website. However, avoid using stock photographs or photos taken by a non-professional without the necessary gear.

Users can spot this immediately, and it can ruin your online reputation in a matter of minutes. However, spending a couple hundred bucks on professional photography or following professional photography tips can make your website and content much more interesting and appealing.


How important do you think fonts are? Experienced web designers that choosing the right fonts can do miracles with the opinion of your users.

Keep in mind that the fonts you use must look splendid across different devices and screen resolutions, so make sure to perform some testing before coming up with a final decision.

Every Page Is a Landing Page

Naturally, you want users to see the most important information on your landing page. However, nowadays users can visit just about any part of your website, so they won’t necessarily open the landing page.

It means that you need to focus on the design & information display both on every page. For quick web design without experience you can go for website building tools like Easysite and WordPress.

If you don’t have an idea about how website builders work & which one suits you the best then sitebuilderawards.com can help you choose the best one.

For Information sharing, it is important to store all contact information and company details on a visible part that is shown on every page.

For example, you can display contact details in the footer, on the right side of the header, or in a handy sidebar.

Adopt Responsive Design

Responsive design has been the talking matter of the web design world for a couple of years and nowadays it is an irreplaceable part of every website that wants to be successful.

Thanks to responsive web design, all of your website’s design features will look flawlessly on any device, web browser or screen resolution.

Flash Is Dead

This one may turn out to be a bit unnecessary to mention but inexperienced designers should remember it! Flash technology is a thing of the past and it is only a matter of time before it completely disappears.

Media streaming is now done via HTML5, and there are many better alternatives to other Flash-based elements. Flash animations trash your SEO completely, so this is another good reason why you should stay away from them.

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