How To Reset Fonts, Colors, And Text Size On Your New Easysite Website

How To Build Your Own Website. Learn how to reset fonts and colors on your new Easysite website - Easysite Tutorials. Easysite gives you complete control on all the text on your site. Change "Header Title", "Header Subtitle", "Home Page Titles", "Body Text", and more. Learn how to build a website with these Easysite tutorials here we show you how to change text size, text colors and the type of font you would like to use on your new Easysite website. No coding knowledge required. Follow our Easysite tutorials and build your own website in a few easy steps.

Step 2 - Follow all our Easysite Tutorials and build a better website.

Login to your Easysite website. To login scroll down to the bottom of your site. On the right is a link that says "Login" click that link. Fill in your login details and hit the submit button. You are now in "Admin" see image below. Once you are in "Admin" click the "Fonts" button.

Easysite tutorials

Resetting Your Sites Text Is Easy

Resetting your site's "Header Title", "Header Subtitle", "Additional Header Text", "Welcome Text", "Home Page Titles", "Menu Items", "Footer Links", "Body Text" is easy when you build a website using Easysite.

As you can see on the below image, clicking on the button next to the text you would like to edit opens a drop down bar. You can now change your font style to any of the fonts that are shown. The same applies to text size, text style and text color. Easysite is so easy to use it should be your number one choice of website builders to use to build your own website.

How to change fonts on a Easysite website.

The below image shows you the where the "Welcome Text", "Home Page Titles", "Body Text", and "Footer Links" are. "Menu Items" is your Menu.

Edit your header text, subtitle text, body text and more.

As you can see you do not need to know any coding or a web development company to make your own website. By clicking a few buttons the website builder does all the coding for you.

Easysite tutorials helping you build a better website using Easysite.

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