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wordpress hosting by wp engineWordPress hosting from WP Engine is designed for WordPress. If you want the best and fastest WordPress hosting when you design a website what do you do? Sign up to WP Engine and use their WordPress hosting. A WordPress hosting company that stands out, that specializes in WordPress hosting and has their servers designed specially for hosting WordPress blogs and sites. You are looking for WP Engine.

Hosting is hosting? right? No! That’s like saying a car is a car. Think of web hosting as owning a car the family of four would buy a family car not to fast built for comfort plenty of space in the boot.

Single executives would buy a sports car, built for speed, eye catching and no space, it would also cost more.

Then there is the cheaper type of car always breaking down and leaving you on the side of the road.

Hosting is very similar you buy cheap web hosting and your site runs slow, crashes when it gets to many visitors and takes ages to load.

Buy middle range priced web hosting and you will be OK but there servers are not dedicated to WordPress website hosting.

They host sites that are built on a variety of different platforms. Using so many different platforms its hard for the staff to know everything when you have a hosting problem and although they will sort it out, it may take a little longer.

The servers are not just set up for WordPress, they are set up for a huge variety of different website building platforms.

WP Engine is one of top WordPress Hosting Company’s that specializes in Word-Press Software

Finding the best hosting for WordPress will mean you will have to pay a little more, but the extra expense is well worth it, you get so much more.

Now you thinking pay more, what for, my WordPress hosting is fine. Let me explain, most shared hosting companies care about one thing, and that’s keeping their cost as low as possible.

Like I said above the staff deal with a lot of different website builders and cannot specialize in one website builder which means they won’t know much about WordPress, and the servers they use are less expensive.

You may have learned first hand that typical cheap providers will shut your site down if you get too much traffic.

At WP Engine, they won’t do that. They source the fastest bare-metal hardware, then set you up on a cluster of servers with the fastest caching out there.

They hire WordPress experts and pay them well. If you run a WordPress site and need the highest level of security, stability, and support the you need WP Engine WordPress hosting.

You will never have to worry about your site running slow or crashing again.

Whats the Best Feature WP Engine Has

Have you ever wanted to change your WordPress theme just to have a look at what your WordPress website would look like using the new theme? But are worried that if you do and you don’t like it you might have a problem getting your old theme back.

Maybe you want to customize the CSS code and HTML code, mess this up and you will need to do a new installation and loose all your work. Or do you want to test a new plugin? WP Engine has the solution.

Set up a clean copy of your site that you can use then do whatever you want with.

Use this site as a test site. Keep your site safe while you try new themes and plugins on the test site, change your CSS and HTML code mess it up no problem, its the dummy site, delete it and and set up a new clean copy.

No more breaking your site or having to manage multiple sites just to test-drive a new plugin or theme! Hosting from WP Engine has some big advantages.

You will find that WP Engine and WordPress are made for each other. Its the fastest WordPress hosting you can get for WordPress and WP Engine takes care of all the technical details of the hosting and makes sure that your WordPress site is served quickly, usually under a second, and that speed scales with high traffic loads.

WP Engine will also manage the security of your site or blog, and automatically update your WordPress theme when the latest version is released. Knowing that your site is being cared for by WordPress hosting specialist means that you don’t have to worry about hackers or security.

WP Engine even guarantees their security. No other Managed Host has the guarantee. One of the biggest benefits is having expert support when it matters most.

Managed hosts have support staff who know not only hosting, but they know WordPress as well, and can offer help in troubleshooting issues with plugins or themes, and help you if you are having problems.

Choose the right WordPress hosting! WP Engine also provides tools like a staging area and automatic nightly backups of your site in case you ever need to restore your site.

If you use WordPress then you should have WordPress hosting it will make your blog or WordPress site load faster which is great for visitors and rank higher as faster loading sites rank better in search engines.

Get the correct help and advice from people that know WordPress. Be able to set up a clean copy of your site that you can then do whatever you want with and lots more. Don’t waste time get the best and fastest WordPress Hosting.

WP Engine and WordPress are made for each other sign up today and get WordPress Hosting for your site or blog try it for 60 days, risk free.

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