See Your Website Traffic


See Your Website Traffic

see your site visitorsvisualize website traffic

Type your url below press go and see your website traffic. The results are visualized.

See your website traffic is a free internet service where you can find estimates about how many visitors your website gets on a daily basis. There is no code to upload to your website all you do is place your website link in the box on the left and press go. The results are visualized, by comparing your website visitors to the size of countries that have a similar population count.

Furthermore your visitors are put in perspective by comparing them to an image that our brain can easily comprehend, like a plane full of passengers, or four planes full of passengers, or a large stadium full of people, you can see your website traffic.

Large numbers only mean something when you have something to compare it with and visualize traffic helps you visualize your web site traffic. Where does this data come from? They pull in various variables about every website they visualize, then combine that data and come up with an estimate.

Of course this number is not always correct, but it does come close. So check your website traffic out and in two weeks time come back and see if your site has changed and what country has a similar population and if its changed from a plane full of people to a large stadium full of people. If you traffic does not get better maybe you should do a site analysis and see if you can optimise your site better.

Spy on your Competitors Website Traffic

You need to know how your competitors are doing and spy on their website traffic from time to time, also if you are thinking of making a website then why not spy on websites with the same niche as you want to build.

This will give you some idea of the visitors they are getting. Below are some sites that can help you spy on your competitors website traffic.


Spy on your competitors website traffic using Alexa. Get a good idea of their global traffic rank, daily visitors, bounce rate, and lots more –

Website Informer

Website Informer is a special service for web masters that gathers detailed information on websites. Check website traffic, general information, statistics, main competitors, similar sites, IPs etc. –


Place your url in Semrush and get your website position on Google, see the position of your keywords on Google in a few seconds, quick and easy

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