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Find your website position on Google, Yahoo and Bing in a few easy steps. Type your keyword and domain in the keyword tracking tool and press submit and find out where does your website rank.



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Find out how your site is doing on all three Search Engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing

How do you check your website position? Do you type your keywords in to Google, Bing and Yahoo, and search page after page?

Stop! There is a much quicker and easier way to find out where your website ranks.

Use the website position keyword tracking tool from SEO centro it will find your website position on all three search engines at once. (Google, Yahoo and Bing).

The Website Position Checker is a free search engine optimization (SEO) keyword tracking tool or keyword tracking phrases tool for multiple searches.

The keyword tracking tool will check your website position in Google, Yahoo and Bing it determines if your site is one of the top websites for a given set of keywords, or keyword phrases in the SERPs.

Save time instead of doing a Manual Search

It will save you a lot of time instead of doing a manual search on what position your website is listed on in search engines use the website position checker to do it for you using different keywords or keyword phrases and find out where your website ranks.


Where Does My Site Rank Use The Website Position Tool And Find Out In A Few Seconds

My advice is use the keyword tracking tool, make a note of your keywords and the position your site is. Then come back in two weeks and try again to see if your site position is moving up.

If your site does not move up then check your title tag, description tag, keywords, h1,h2,h3 headings etc. and alt text on your image tags also the content and make sure you have optimized it correctly.

You should also add your main keyword or keyword phrase first in your title tag and description tag the closer it is to the beginning of the tag the better as search engines regard the first words in the tag as more important.

You can have the same keyword phrase in both the title tag and the description tag but try only have them in once in each tag, other wise you could be over optimizing your page.

It might also help to do some off page SEO if your site has not improved.

If you have a fairly new site and you use the website position keyword tracking tool and can not find your website position on Google do not worry.

It takes time to get on the first page of Google for your search term when you create a website keep at it, keep adding fresh new content to your site as often as you can, make sure you have a site map and that you have submitted it to Google Webmaster Tools.

Google will then know when ever you create a new page as the new page will be in your site map and Google will then start the process of crawling the page.

It can take from a few days to weeks for your page to be added to search engines depending on your site and how often you add new content. The key is to have good unique content do not copy from other sites and add new content when ever you can. Also you will need to do some off page SEO and get those much needed back links pointing to your site.

Social media also helps, make sure your site has the social media share buttons on each page.

This way visitors can hit those share buttons and spread the word.

Use the website position tool to find the position of your site for the given keyword on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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