The Best Website Analysis Tools


website-analysisNot sure if your website is set up correctly? Use some of the best free website analysis tools on the web to analyze your site. From the website analysis results improve your site optimization. When you make your own website you should review each page you build, see how its performing, and see what improvements you can make. These SEO tools offer an easy way to know everything about your website and most are free to use.

Find Out How Well Your Site Is Optimized

Today it can be quite difficult to create a website that that works in search engines. You have to make sure each page is highly optimized if you want your website to generate a good steady stream of traffic. The trick is to optimize your web content for search engine spiders, and website visitors. By using website analysis tools you will have a better understanding what changes need to be made to improve your website and make it more appealing to search engines.

What You Should Know And Have Already Done On Your Web Site Or Blog

Title Tag – The title tag is the second most important on–page SEO element, your overall content is the first. Its used to identify the document’s overall content. Place your most important keywords first and make sure its a accurate account of what the page is about. Title tags should contain less than 70 characters and are displayed in search results. This is your chance to tell visitors that are looking at search results about your site.

Description Tag – Should also be an accurate description of the content on the page. Always try and start the first paragraph of content with words or phrases that are used in the tag. Description tags should be more than 140 characters but not longer than 160 characters and are also displayed in search results under the title. It needs to be well written to encourage visitors to click on it.

Keyword Tag – Some say the keyword tag is not used by Google so ignore it. I say use it, Google is not the only search engine. And the way Google is always changing if they do not use it now they may later. Place your most import keywords first followed by least important. Use a 3 to 5 keyword phrase separated with a commas.
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Place Keywords Strategically In Your Content – If you want search engines to love your site make sure you have keyword-rich content and plenty of it above the fold. Place keywords as closely together as possible, while making sure your sentences remain clear. Ensure a proper keyword density or weight. This involves the proportion of keywords to the rest of the text. Place long tail keywords in bold and italic text, not for getting image alt tags and anchor text links. Never copy content from other sites.

Header Tags – H1 is the most important H6 least important. Use your primary keywords in an H1 header tag near the top of your page. Only use the H1 tag once on the page. Also use a couple of H2 tags and H3 tags on the page if you have a lot of content. Use the heading tags to break the page with a good paragraph of quality keyword-rich-text that relates to the heading tag below each heading.

Remember To – Have a sitemap and place the link on the bottom of each page. Sign up to Google Webmaster tools and submit your sitemap. Update and add new content regularly. Check once a month for broken links. Build incoming or backlinks. Create a FAQ page and keep it updated with as many helpful questions and answers on it.

If you have done all the above then its time to improve your site by doing a website analysis and if your page score is low take the advice the website analysis offers to improve the page, then use the website analysis tool again to see the improvement.

Start Your Website Analysis Now

Website Speed – One of the first things you should check is your website speed, having a slow loading site is bad for visitors, they don’t wait for the page to load and are off to the next site increasing your bounce rate. Also search engines will place faster loading sites above slow loading sites. Do a website speed test on all pages of your site if it loads slow remove images, scripts etc it could even be your template or theme you may consider changing it for a lighter faster loader theme.

WR Page – You have designed a nice looking website but still no visitors for your specific keywords. Having a great design won’t get you visitors, how well is your site optimized? Find out with a website analysis form WR Page, their website analysis tells you what’s wrong with your HTML markup and what you can do to improve it.

Broken Links – Broken links can damage your reputation with search engines and visitors, there is nothing worst than clicking on a link only to find that it does not exist. When you update your site you might delete a page but leave the link in a menu, visitors clicking the link will end up at a not found page. You could also have recommended a website and placed their link on a page and that site is now deleted, visitors clicking that link will not find the site. You should check your site for broken links once a month and remove all dead links, this is good SEO practice.

Spam Links – Spam links can hurt your rankings. Lets say you have recommended a website by placing their link on your site. The link takes you to their website so everything is fine. Now lets say that site gets hit by Google as a spam website you will not know and a broken link check will not discover that the site is penalized as the link is not broken. Because you have linked to the site Google could also penalize your site. No its not fair but this happens. You need to remove the link from your site quickly, and the tool to find that spam link is

Ranks Page Analyzer – One of the best website analysis tools you can use to analyze any web page you test. The website analysis will give you the following results:

  • Single Word Keywords
  • Two Keyword Phrases
  • Three Keyword Phrases
  • Four Keyword Phrases
  • Meta Title Density
  • Heading Tags Density
  • Image Alt Tags Density
  • Image File Name Density
  • Link Text Title Density
  • Meta Description Density
  • How many times keywords are in bold text
  • How many times keywords are in italic text

The website analysis tool will not only give you the different keywords for the page it also gives the keyword density. This can be helpful as at a quick glance you can see if your keyword phrases are over or under optimised. Visit ranks page analyzer.

Penguin and Panda Analysis – See how Google’s algorithm updates have impacted your traffic and how to fix it with the panguin tool. The Penguin and Panda Analysis will use your Google Analytics account to gather your visitors stats and where you have had a drastic drop in visitors show you which update effected your site. Do a search for that update and find out what you need to do to fix your site.

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