Keyword Tool Analysis – Check Your Keyword Density


The keyword tool analysis can be used to check how often your Keywords appear on a page. The keyword tool analysis works like this. Place your URL and keyword phrase you would like to analyze in the box below and press run keyword tool analysis and check your keyword density.

The report will tell you if you have your main keyword placed correctly in the title and description tag. Good SEO practice is to have your primary keyword for the page first in these tags. This will help to tell search engines where you would like your page placed in their search results.

Keywords that are in your keyword tag will be compared with keywords on the page and the keyword tool analysis will show how many of those keywords used in the tag are on the page.

Keyword Tool Analysis

  • Perform a website analysis on a specific web page.
  • See how many keywords are on your page.
  • See how many of the same keywords you have on the page.
  • Make sure your Meta Title tag is correct.
  • Make sure your Meta Description tag is correct.


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Use the keyword tool to analyze each page when you build a website and from the results improve the keyword structure of the page then re-check the page and see the improvement.

Content is king and Google loves a site that has lots of keyword rich content, have a minimum of 300 words on a page more is better. If you improve your thin content you will rank higher in Google search results.

Write for humans not search engine spiders placing keywords and keyword phrases in meta tags, H headings (how to use heading tags), image alt tags and name images with keywords. Main content should have primary keywords at the start of the paragraph, try use long tail keywords.

Find keyword suggestion tools to help you get a large selection of keywords for your niche and check each page with the keyword tool analysis.

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