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Web Page Test. Full web page test tool to help you analyze the load speed of your websites and make it faster. Is your page fast, slow, too big, find out with the web page test and fix it. Nobody likes a slow website, and by doing a website speed test you will find out the load speed of your page, page size, how many requests are sent and lots more, click on test now below and do a web page test.

We did the web page test on our home page and this is the results above.

If you want your site to work then I suggest you check every page on your site with the web page test analysis tool. Examine all parts of your page starting with a website speed test. From the results you will be able to improve each page you test as the web page test not only tells you your web page speed it also shows you the speed of every item that your page requests when it first starts to load on the page and gives you the size of each item and load time in a graph.

Use the information to see how you can speed your page up, do you have to many scripts or images? remove some, have you optimized your images to improve the page speed? No! Why not?

Go to our Webmaster tools look for image tools and use them, compress your images for faster loading. What is the point of having a website if it does not get visitors.

Each page should be designed to load fast, this will not only keep visitors with a slow internet connection happy but you will also find that page size counts, and faster loading pages rank higher in search results.

Lets think about it, have you clicked on a link on Facebook and when the site takes longer than a few seconds to load we don’t wait. That’s why this type of site has to pay for advertising if it loads slow its SEO is probably useless as well and the only way it can get visitors is by placing it on adds costing the owner money.

Optimize each page with the web page test and your site will be that much closer to ranking naturally for free, also check our SEO tutorials out to gain some more points with Google and get your site and pages to the top of search results for free.

Examine All Parts Of Your Website

Sometimes it might be the template or theme that you are using that will cause your site to be slow not much you can do, wrong if you are using WordPress first thing you need to do is check how many plugins you have.

Do you need them all try removing the plugins you do not really need then test your site, still slow maybe you need to consider finding a faster loading theme. Be careful of themes with a big image slide show, you have the slide show script and all the images, rather find a theme without a slide show or find a plugin that will compress your site, this will improve the load time.

Have you ever heard the saying less is best? When it comes to website speed this is true, do a web page test and see how you can improve the loading time of your site.

Lots Of Features:

  • Examine all parts of your site – View file sizes, load times, and other details about every single element of a web page (HTML, JavaScript and CSS files, images, etc.). You can sort and filter this list in different ways to identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Performance overview – We automatically put together plenty of performance-related statistics for you based on the test result
  • Performance grade and tips – See how your website conforms to performance best practices from Google Page Speed (similar to Yahoo’s Yslow). You can get some great tips on how to speed up your website this way.
  • Trace your performance history – Each test is saved for you so you can review it later and also see how things change over time (with pretty charts!).
  • Multiple locations – See how fast a website loads in Europe, the United States, etc.
  • Share your results – It’s easy for you to perform a test and share it with your friends, work colleagues or web host.

All results are displayed to help you increase your website speed resulting in a faster loading site

All tests are done with real website browsers, this means that the results will match the end-user experience exactly. They use a bunch of instances of Google’s Chrome browsers to load websites, record performance data, and so on. Tests are done from dedicated Pingdom servers. All results are displayed to help you increase your website speed.

How Fast Is Your Website Compared To Other Websites On The Internet Find Out Do A Web Page Test

How fast is your site compared to other sites that have been tested by the web page test tool? Look for the results above the Tweet and Facebook buttons. Improve each web page one by one until your site is the best you can get get. The work you done to improve your site speed when you make a website will be well worth the effort.

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