Lets Do Simple Stuff To Make Your Website Faster



Make your website faster by watching the above video. Chris from CSS tricks gives some good advice on how to make your website faster. Having a website that loads in super quick time is not only great for your visitors but will also help your site to beat the competition on search results. Its a know fact that faster loading websites rank higher in search results.

Website performance is so important these days and if you make your website faster people will really like it more. No one will ever ask you to make your website faster, its just one of those things you know you should do.

If you make your website faster your bounce rate goes down, visitors increase, sales get better, you site will rank higher in search results and in general the user experience improves. How fast is your website? Google now accounts for a site’s performance (its load speed) as a factor for search ranking.

4 Simple things to make your website faster

When you start to improve your website speed start with low effort BIG IMPACT.

Find things that are easy to do and make a big impact on site performance. When you pick something to work on make sure it has a awesome effect on performance. Pick something that is going to improve your site by 0.5 seconds not 0.005 seconds.

No 1. Turn on HTTP Compression

When you create a website your website building software like WordPress or site builder will store those files on your hosting account. These files can then be viewed on the World wide web on a browser in the form of web pages.

So how do you make those files load quicker? When your files get compressed the server will zip your files it then sends the smaller file across the internet and the browser un-zips those files, and that happens so fast making your page that much quicker to load.

Its always better to Gzip all the resources on your site.

Some hosting companies could compress your website files on their servers for you. The easiest way to find out if your files are zipped is to use gzipwtf.com.

If you are not G-Zipping and want to then you can go to https://github.com/h5bp/html5-boilerplate click the .htaccess link and scroll down to where it says compression. Copy that code and paste it in to your .htaccess file in your hosting account.

If you not sure where to find the .htaccess file on your hosting account contact your hosting support for help.

No 2. Cache Stuff

When a visitor visits your website the page they land on is cached on their computer. When they click on a new page on your site if you have your cache set up correctly those files will already be stored on their computer and can be served directly from the computer, this will make your website page load faster.

This means the page will load faster, as those files do not have to be downloaded each time the visitor visits a new page.

To cache stuff on your site again you need to go to https://github.com/h5bp/html5-boilerplate click the .htaccess link and scroll down to where it says Expires headers copy the code and again paste the code into your .htaccess file in your hosting account. What happens now is the computer will store your website files helping to make your website faster.

No 3. Losslessly Optimise Images

Images play a big part in web page load time. Try not to have to many large images on a page. When you build a website you should always optimize images before uploading to your site.

Make your website fast by using image tools to reduce the file size of images with effecting the quality of those images.

No 4. Combine CSS and JS

Combine CSS an JavaScript files together. Try to keep your files to a minimum, if you use WordPress ask your self do you really need that plugin, if not remove it.

Thats it we have just made your website faster

But wait is that background image you using 1mb think about removing it! And make your website faster!

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