How Can I Tell If My Site Is Affected By A Particular Google Algorithmic Penalty Update


google-algorithmic-penalty-updateHow can I tell if my site is affected by a particular Google algorithmic penalty update. This question is asked all the time. In the above video Matt Cutts head of Google’s Webspam team tells us what to look for to see if your website has been effected by any of the Google algorithmic penalty updates, or if you are simply not adding enough content or doing something else wrong.

Matt Cutts explains about the Google algorithmic penalty update and what to look for

Matt Cutts explains about the Google algorithmic penalty update and what to look for, Matt tells us that if your site is hit by something that directly impacts the ranking of your site then go to Webmaster tools and see if you have had any notifications from Google.

If you have a notification message this will indicate what action you need to take to improve your sites rankings back in Google.

Checking Webmaster tools every few days is a good idea, check for crawl errors, 404 errors when you know what the problem is you can fix it. Google Webmaster tools will report any problems that Google sees on your site.

Is your site suffering from a penalty or are you being out done by better content

Is your site suffering from a penalty or are you being out done by better content? Its hard to know. Google has so many updates that any one of the many updates could effect your site.

Matt tells us that they do try to let us know about big updates, for example the Penguin updates that are targeted towards web spam.

The Panda updates that are targeting quality content on the web.

When ever Google has large changes that will effect things, then they normally have an announcement.

This way if you get a sudden drop in visitors you will be able to know what update caused the problem as you will have a date to work from. Finding out more on the Penguin or Panda update you will know how to fix your site.

Matt tells us that Panda has become more integrated into indexing and has had less of a impact on sites, they have got it so it changes the index on a pretty regular bases and built in rather than rolling out on a certain day.

He goes on to say that Penguin is a switch that flips or rolls out at a certain time so they are willing to talk about it and let people know.

Why is my site not ranking

If your site is not ranking you need to find out why and what you are doing wrong, you need to find out what the top ranking sites are doing and apply their technique to your site. Use SEO Profiler its great.

Over time its possible for Google algorithm’s to re-score your site and for it to start ranking higher again.

Hope this helps you understand the Google algorithmic penalty update.

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