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what do I need to create my own websiteWhat do I need to create a website, this question seems to keep cropping up so lets find out how to make a website using site builders and hosting. There are so many websites and video tutorials on the web that have lots of beginner tutorials, that guide you on different ways to build your own website that at times it could be confusing. The reason is that you have never tried to create a website before, but this should not stop you.

Its natural to have doubts about creating a website, but never doubt yourself until you have tried. Just because you don’t know how the website building software works does not mean that you should not try to create a website. How many of us know how a car engine makes the car move? But we all drive. My point is that today if you want to create a website then you can and its cheap. If you wanted to open a store you would have to spend a fortune on deposits, rentals, decor and stock. Where as you could sell products from a website for less than a meal for one. For a few dollars a month you can sell products online or tell the world about your business.

Choose Your Domain Name

The first step is to think long and hard for a name for your site, or if you are already in business then you will have the name. Your site name should be the same as the website domain name and reflect what the website is about. In other words from the domain you register people should be able to tell what the website is about.

This website teaches people how to create a website so it makes good SEO sense to have a domain name like try do the same when choosing your domain name.

Building A Website With A Website Builder

There are lots of different website builders on the web for you to choose from and some good some bad. The problem you can have is that some website builders are poorly constructed. They have to many scripts and codes in the site builder and this then effects your website page loading time.

Slow loading web pages rank lower in search results and you could loose visitors that won’t wait for your site to load.

Also if you go for the cheapest and the company closes down or decides to increase the monthly payment all your files are in their format so moving your site will be a mission and not easy.

If you do decide to use a website builder don’t go for the cheapest. Make sure you go with one of the big company’s that have stood the test of time when you are making a website web hosting is included with the website builder.

Make sure that the website builder you decide to use has lots of free templates and features for the price you are paying as with some of the bad site builders the basic price does not cover much and you will need to upgrade to be able to get better features for your site. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting into.

What you can do is a review, type the name of the website builder with review after the name in Google and see if they have good or bad reviews before you waste your money and time.

Using A Web Hosting Company To Create A Website

Using a web hosting company to create a website would be my first choice. I would make sure that the hosting company had the WordPress installation software in its dashboard. That way you can install WordPress and start to create a website with one of the best website creator software on the internet.

Here is why lets say that I sign up to bad hosting company, install WordPress and start to create a website, after a few days I discover that they are useless, I have already built 7 pages on my site, what can I do? Easy sign up to another good hosting company and they will move my site for free.

When you sign up to a hosting company they normally offer you 30 days money back so if you discover after a few days you want to move you can get a full refund. Also if you use WordPress all the files are formatted the same this means that you can move your site from one hosting company to the next.

And whats great the new hosting company will move all your website files for free. You do nothing. Later when they have set up all your files on their hosting account all you do is change your domain DNS setting to their servers and in a few hours it will be hosted on your new account.

Your website will still run on your old account until the change takes place. This means that your site will have no down time if you change from one hosting service to another hosting service.

So how do you make a website when you sign up to web hosting? Once you have signed up in the hosting account dashboard there are web tools, site builders and lots more. All you need to do is select the website building software that you would like to use from the hosting account dashboard and install the software.

This sounds like a big job, its not and its easy to do I know you are thinking me install website software. Never. Yes you can its all so simple and I have step by step tutorials on how its done, so carry on reading.

The website building software that I would recommend you install to create a website is WordPress. Once you have installed WordPress you will be emailed a link, username and password to sign into your WordPress dashboard and can start to build your site.

WordPress has thousands of free and paid themes so getting the design and look will be easy you can select a new theme and change it with a few clicks of your mouse. You can also give your site a different look when you have content on, the theme can be changed when ever you want all your content will be on the new theme.

There are also thousands of free plugins to add extra features to your site like contact forms, slide shows, site maps, SEO and lots more. If you want to create a website using the same hosting company that I use and recommend then you need to click the link below.

If you require any help to create a website please use the contact link on the bottom of the page and email me.

Whats Next

Now you should have a domain and hosting and using WordPress as your website building software. Your website will have the standard WordPress theme, do a theme search and select from thousands of free and payed themes. Find a design and look that you want by searching, once you find the theme you would like to use install and activate it. And your new design will be live on the web.

At this stage its a good idea to show friends and family get there in-put about the theme, it always helps to see what others say then continue setting up your site.

Whats The Best SEO Plugin To Use For WordPress

The standard WordPress theme is just that standard. You will need to add a SEO plug so you can add your page title and description tag, look for the WordPress SEO from Joost de Valk.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin at the bottom of the editor on each post and page you will be able to add the page title and page description for the page. The SEO plugin will also give you suggestions how to better optimize each page you build.

Setting Up Your Permalink Structure

Next you will want to set up your permalink settings, by default when you create a new post on WordPress the URL will have letters and numbers, by setting up the permalinks the link will display the post title.

Create Your Sitemap And Submit It To Google Webmaster Tools

You will need to create a sitemap and place your sitemap link on the bottom of each page or in the menu. A sitemap will ping search engines every time you create a new page or post or if you update a page or post. Having a sitemap will help new pages to get indexed quicker. Visitors also sometimes use site-maps to find stuff on your site.

You should submit your site to search engines like Google and Bing and find some good inbound links. Sign up to Google and Bing Webmaster tools and add your sitemap to them as well.

How Often Should You Add Content

Content is king. Each page should be over 1000 words and full of good unique content. Never copy from other websites. Don’t think to much about keywords rather think about long tail words about the topic of the page.

Long tail keywords are a type of keyword phrase that has at least three, and some times as many as five words in the phrase.

The trick is to find a reliable, renewable source of long-tail keywords that are relevant to your site and your business niche.

Once you have designed your site and have all the pages that you need you still need to have fresh content on your site you can do this by having a blog.

Use your blog. Try make one new blog post at least once a week, also with at least 600 to 1000 words. Search engine spiders that visit your site crawl all the pages if they find new content they will keep coming back to see whats new and if its worth indexing.

If you don’t add content your site will become stale and the spiders will not visit as often and you could start to loose rankings.

Promote Your Site On Social Media Sites Like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

You can also promote your site on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the rest. Also Google G+ these are all high page-rank sites and every time you post your website links you get a high PR back-link back to the page you promote.

Sign up to social networks and keep posting your sites links. Do this weekly.

Make sure you have social network buttons on your site so visitors can like the page and share pages this is a great for your SEO. When your page is shared visitors in the community that its shared on also get to see the link and can also visit. Now you know a little more on what it takes to make a website remember if you need help please contact me.

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