Silo Architecture Ranks Higher In Search Engines


Silo architecture ranks higher in search engines, and pages get indexed faster. When you learn how to make a website using silo architecture your website pages are naturally talking about themes and keywords that are related to each other, Google and other search engines will know that your site is really on topic and they will reward you with high rankings most of the time. It will also help visitors navigate and find more relative content when you build a website this way.
You site will rank higher in search engines using 90% less back-links that’s how powerful silo architecture is. Its like having your website on steroids.

Video 6 – Silo Architecture Ranks Higher In Search Engines

STEP – 6: Silo Architecture Ranks Higher In Search Engines

More tips on how to improve your silo structured WordPress blog.

You now have a solid silo structure we will now show you using more free plugins to rank higher and quicker in the search engine results.

Using free WordPress plugins we not only have the related posts at the foot of each page, but on each section we have the links to other posts in the sidebars as well.

You are going to need to additional plugins. One makes it happen and the other makes it easy for you to work out what to do.

You will need to install the following free WordPress Plugins:

WP Show IDs
Widget Logic

Install the above two plugins.

Once installed go to widgets and take the categories post widget and drag it to the main sidebar.

You now have the widget logic option and this is what makes the posts appear in your sidebar, watch the video to see how to set this up.

You need to copy the different IDs into the widget logic box.

What this will do is only show the related posts on the page.

By doing this bonus step it will help your silo architecture to rank higher in search engines

With Silo Architecture You Need 90% Less Backlinks

Once you have completed this step move on to video 7

Video 1 – Install 3 Plugins To Build A Silo Structure WordPress Blog
Video 2 – Create The Categories For Your Silo Structure WordPress Blog
Video 3 – The Widgets On Pages Widget For The Silo Architecture
Video 4 – How To Configure The Category Posts And The Other Silo Structure Plugins
Video 5 – The Related Posts Silo Architecture Settings
Video 6 – Silo Architecture Ranks Higher In Search Engines
Video 7 – Adding The Sidebar On To The Landing Page Of Your Silo Structure Site

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