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get a free domain nameRegistering a domain name is the first thing you need to do when you create a website. Its your website address and used to find your site on the web. Its not necessary to register your domain with a domain registrar when you make a website with us. We will give you a FREE domain.

If you registered a domain name at a domain register it would cost you about $10.00 a year. You would also need to point your new domain name at your new website. This could be confusing. Why have all the hassle? Save money and time get a free domain when you sign up to the hosting service we recommend.


Some hosting company’s now include a free domain when you get your hosting from them. Do you really want the job of changing the DNS setting? Do you know how to change the DNS settings? Click on the link at the bottom of this page and get your free domain when you use the hosting company we recommend. And guess what all your DNS setting are done for you, leaving you free to get on and design a website.

Include Your Main Keywords

When you are thinking what words should go in your domain always try include your main keyword. If you are creating a website for your business then your domain should be the name of your business.


Business Name: Joes Tyres

If you are starting a new business and still have to choose the business name then you should first do some research. You need keywords that people search for.

Just picking a keyword out of your head for your domain could mean that not many people will search using that keyword. This means that even if you rank on the first page for that keyword your site won’t be busy.

Rather use the Google Keyword Planner. Search keywords or a keyword phrase and the tool will tell you how many people search for that keyword phrase. Now if you use a keyword for your domain name that lots of people are searching for and manage to rank your site on the first page all those people will end up on your site.


Keyword: Create A Website
Monthly Searches: 27100

My main keyword is create a website for this site. If I rank on the first page of Google for the search term create a website most of those 27100 monthly visitors will end up visiting my site.

My website is all about teaching people to create websites, my primary keywords that I would like to rank for are create a website, so it makes sense to register a domain like it has my primary keywords and people will know my site is about creating websites.

Always try to include your primary keywords in your domain. Keep your domain as short as possible. From the website address people should be able to tell what the website is all about.

Here Are Some Helpful Steps For You To Follow
  1. Finding a easy to type domain is important and makes for a successful website. Be careful of words with multiple spellings (buy/bye/by), it might be harder to rank your site if you use those words.
  2. Short and sweet. Having a long domain name is a pain. Trying to type it out can mean mistyping or misspelling resulting in loosing visitors. Keep it as short and simple as possible.
  3. Include primary keywords. Use words that relate or describe your business. Example, if your business is fixing swimming pool pumps, you could register or Including keyword phrases that people are searching will improve your rank for those words on search engines and increase your site traffic.
  4. If your business is local include the state or city. Example, this will help you rank in your city or state.
  5. Try not to use hyphens. People will not remember the hyphen and end up at the oppositions website.
  6. Make it catchy. You want people to think wow what a great name. As soon as you find the right domain don’t wait! Got a great idea for your domain? Register your name today and build a website before someone else beats you to it.
  7. Don’t wait. Websites are being built all the time. Domains are being bought every second of the day. Wait and some one else may get the name you want. Even if you are not ready to create your own website secure your web address now!
  8. Click here to get your free domain and hosting and secure your domain name today.

What’s Best COM, ORG, NET, etc?

COM, ORG, NET, etc? My first choice would be com followed by ORG, NET.

These are probably the most common top-level domains .com, .net, and .org. They should be used for a unique purpose:

  • .com: Commercial (for-profit) websites
  • .org: Non-profit organizations
  • .net: Network-related domains

If you only need your site to rank in a city or country then use the country prefix.


Lets say you have a web design company in the United Kingdom, and it was based in London. If you only wanted visitors from the UK and wanted to concentrate on getting the majority of visitors from London you could:

Look for a domain name that ends with or .london or .uk

You could have a domain something like this:

Your main keyword that you are trying to rank for is in the domain, (web design London) this tells Google that those words are important. It also sends a signal to Google that you would like to rank for the words web design. It also tells Google that you are trying to get visitors that live in in the town of London.

Using a prefix like or .uk or .london tells Google that the country or town is important. It says that you would like to get visitors from that country or town.

Google is very clever, if someone in London searches for web design Google search results returns the most relevant and useful sites for a user.

Google knows the user is searching from the London area and returns results from websites that target web design and London in their domain and keywords.

Because of this, search results can differ between a user in London and a user in France.

This is a good thing. If you lived in London and ordered a pizza online you don’t want to order it off a pizza website in France you would want to order it from your local pizza shop that’s just down the road in the town of London, so Google delivers that website in its search results to you.

Your domain name is very important. It will be the name you use on business cards, for email marketing, on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and the rest. It will be your websites online identity and when people recommend your site they will paste the URL.

Always try to use your business name or main keywords in your domain. Remember from the domain people should know what your website is all about. We would like to offer you a free domain name when you sign up to the hosting company we use and recommend. Click on the link below and get your free domain today.

URLs On New Pages Or Posts

Now that you know more about choosing the right domain for your new website you need to think about the URL of the new page or post you create.

Always try to include keyword rich URLs on any new pages or posts you create. If you are using WordPress change the permalink settings, keyword rich URLs will then be generated automatically using the same words as in the title when you press publish.


This page is about registering a domain name so it makes sense to have registering a domain name in the URL.

Notice the words registering a domain name after the backslash – This also sends a message to Google that the words registering a domain name are important words for this page.

When you create new pages or posts on your website try to follow the above example, this will help to improve your on-page SEO and rank for those keywords that have been used.


  • Think about your domain, make sure it has your main keywords.
  • Save a few dollars sign up to a hosting company that gives you a free domain or if you own a domain allows you to use it.
  • Think about what’s best for you COM, ORG, NET, etc.
  • Maybe even use a country prefix if your a local business and only want to get visitors from your country or town.
  • People that look at your domain should know what your website is about.

Click the link below and register your free domain. Sign up to the hosting that we use and you will get a free domain in the process. This free domain is for life, so you will never pay for your domain. Hosting is less than $4.00/month its a great deal. Secure your domain today!

If you require any help to build a website or registering a domain name please contact me.

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