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Find and replace a word in WordPress Plugin could save you a lot of time. You may of miss spelt a word in a lot of your pages and posts, going through each page and post, then searching for the miss spelt word could take what seems like for ever. What if you could install a simple plugin then in the setting find and replace the miss spelt word click update and save and presto where ever that word was on your site it would be replaced with the correct spelling in seconds. Next deactivate and remove the plugin.

PODCAST – Play in new window (Duration: 8:51 — Find And Replace A Word In WordPress)
Credit To Steve Hart – WordPress Tips And Tricks – Find And Replace A Word In WordPress – Track 27 – Genre: Talk.

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Listen to Steve Hart’s podcast above on how to find and replace a word in WordPress. When I listened to his podcast I found it very helpful. I have used the find and replace a word in WordPress plugin to find do follow links and change the do follow to no follow and it worked great.

How Does It Work

The find and replace WordPress plugin lets you find and replace text in pages, posts, Custom Post types and trashed items with a GUI. Its quick and easy to use and once you have found and replaced the text you can deactivate and remove the plugin. Simple as that. Search and replace is also case sensitive this means that you can find and replace a word that is case sensitive as well.

Lets say you have your phone number on pages and posts on your site, and you move to another address. Your site has your old number, save time and install the find and replace a word in WordPress plugin put in your old number and tell it to replace the old number with your new number press update and save and the job is done in seconds.

You could have a affiliate link and its on different pages and posts on your site. You get a email to say the link has been updated and needs to be changed. It won’t take you time anymore use the find and replace WordPress plugin. This plugin is very handy and if you create a website using WordPress you should bookmark this page as one day you will need the find and replace plugin.

Lets Get Started

Below is a image of the setting, as you can see its very simple to change a word.

find and replace any word on a WordPress website
Default view of the setting

You can download the find and replace plugin below or go to plugins in the back-end of your site and search for the plugin, then click install and activate.


Step 1. Go to your admin page.
Step 2. Go to plugins and search for Find Replace and install the plugin.
Step 3. Next activate the Find Replace plugin.

Once all set up replace the word you want to replace, check to see its been successful then deactivate and delete the plugin. Remember always delete plugins that you don’t need as they only slow your site down. If you would like to create a website or need help to change your hosting please contact me for some helpful advice.

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