The Best Way To Make Money Online Is With Your Website


Make money online. We all would like to make an income online but the big question is how. If you do a search on how to make money online there are so many results, finding one that works is a miracle. The web is full of easy ways to make money online, most of them are a waste of time, your time. There is no quick and easy way to make money online, you have to work at it. Don’t sign up or spend any money unless you do some research, make sure its not a scam.

how-do-i-make-money-onlineSo how do I make money online

One of the best ways of making money online is to build your own website, and use affiliate links and banners to earn an income on your site, also use Google AdSense to place related ads on your site. There are lots of ways to make money from your site if its busy.

Follow these simple steps to Make Money Online

Why not put pen to paper so to speak. Choose a niche (topic) about something you have a passion for and tell the world by posting pictures and writing about it.

We all know something, maybe you love tropical fish and have a fish tank, and breed fish. Or you play golf and would like to build a golfing website.

What about if you love to travel and have been to different countries, you could post pictures and write about what you have seen.

These topic’s would make great websites. What do you know? Take what you know and turn it into a successful online business, and start to make money online from home. Whats it going to cost to get online?

Your new domain name less than $10 for the year.
Web hosting $80 (we will save you $30) hosting less than $50 for the year.

Step 1 – Start to plan your affiliate website

Choose your niche or topic of the website you are going to use to make money on the web and register a domain name using your main keyword of your niche. A domain name will be your website address and used to find your site. For example our domain name is Get your domain name here.

Step 2 – Sign up to hosting

Next you need to host your site some where and we have one of the best hosting company’s on the web for you to use. The support is great, the hosting is super fast and you can save $30 click here to get hosting.

Step 3 – Step up your site

We have lots of videos on how to set up your site. From your hosting account you will be able to select and install WordPress, its easy and only takes a few steps. Once done select your theme and get the style looking the way you want it.

Step 4 – Sign up to Google AdSense

To place Google AdSense ads on your site you need to sign up to Google AdSense. You will be able to select a lots of different size text and banner ads for your site. Decide the type of ad you would like to display from AdSense copy the snippet of code and paste the code where you would like the ads to display in your site.

Google will display only relevant ads on the page. In other words if your page is about web design then ads about web design will be displayed and when visitors click one of your ads you will start to make money online with AdSense.

Step 5 – Sign up to Affiliate Marketing

Next you can find Affiliate Marketing to sign up to. What is a Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is about relationships, a relationship between three parties:


In the world of affiliate marketing, an advertiser can be a company selling a product like electronics, airline tickets, clothing or car parts, or an advertiser could also be an insurance company selling policies. The most important thing to remember is that you are an advertiser if you are ready to pay other people to help you sell and promote your business.


A publisher is an individual or company that promotes an advertiser’s product or service in exchange for earning a commission. This will be how you are going to earn a income online.


The final component that completes the affiliate relationship triangle is the consumer. The consumer is the one who actually sees the ad and then makes an action (either by clicking a link or by submitting their information via a form) that takes them from the publisher’s website to the advertiser’s to complete the action, which is called a conversion.

Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliate marketing websites will also give you a snippet of code, place the code where you want the banner or link to appear on your site.

When a visitor clicks the banner or link they will be directed to the advertisers website and hopefully sign up, this is how you can make money online.

Find affiliate banners and links that relate to the topic of your site for best results.

Below are some Affiliate marketing websites: has a large selection of advertisers that you can select to make money online visit to get links and banners for your site

Clickbank has a great platform to find products that you can earn huge commissions on, receive tools, training and access to a global network of over 100,000 affiliate marketers, make a lot of money online finding products that relates to your niche, promote and get paid

TradeDoubler is a performance-based affiliate marketing company offering a range of products and services to optimise your online advertising return on investment. Everything you need to get started and make money online from home in the affiliate marketing business, including tips for earning revenue straight away, advice on applying to different affiliate programs and tools to create relevant ads

There are lots more affiliate websites on the web to choose from, search Google to find them, sign up follow their instructions on how to place their codes on your site.

Once you have built your website, designed the layout, placed Google AdSense ads, Affiliate banners and links on your site you are ready for visitors and as soon as your site gets them you will start to make money online.

Sell space on your site

Once you have a website you could even sell ad space for a fixed monthly income on your site, that’s provided you have thousands of daily visitors. Earn dollars when other site owners advertise on your site.

Never sell links

If you have a successful site that ranks well and gets plenty of visitors never sell links, if Google finds out they will penalize your site. If anyone offers you money to place their link on your site don’t do it.


Can you really make money online the answer is yes. The problem is that you need to work hard on your site to make it rank, once it ranks the sky is the limit. This post was created as I have lots of emails from visitors asking how do people make money online, and one way to make money online is with to build your own website, that’s how I earn an income online you can to.

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