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Make a professional website with Yola, the Yola website builder has all the features that you need to create a professional looking website using the drag-and-drop system. Yola is website building software, with lots of features all in one place. Its for people that would like to build a website and have little or no design experience. Using the Yola website builder you will able to select a template and make a professional website. Add pages, content, images, videos, a blog and lots more with a few clicks of your mouse. All Yola plans include web hosting.

Lots Of Easy To Use Features

The great thing about Yola is the amount of features that are available on the site creator. The way Yola displays them is great as well. Once you sign into the website builder you see a menu at the top of the site builder with all the features.


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From The Site Tab In The Yola Site Builder – Edit Site Properties, Publishing, Content, and Tracking


Site Properties – Here you can add a favicon, change the language of your site, provide information of where your business is located, enter your business phone number, create password protected pages on your site, and delete your site.

Publishing – Publish your site, mobile publishing makes your site compatible on mobile phones, Facebook publishing short cut to publish your site to your Facebook page, get a custom domain quick and easy makes your website professional, and un-publish your site.

Content – File manager this is where all your files are stored that you upload to your site clicking the file manager and you will be able to see all your files. You can even upload images directly to the file manager that you are going to use later. Site CSS this is for more advanced users you can upload your own CSS codes and they will over-ride the Yola CSS code. Very nice feature to have to customize your website theme. Pages/Navigation customize your menu, create sub-menus and rename your pages.

Tracking Site tracking code is used to add your site tracking code. Google Analytics place your Google Analytics script in here to monitor your visitors visits, keywords used to find your site and lots more. Google Webmaster tools when you sign up to Google Webmaster tools Yola makes it easy to add the snippet of code into the header of your site to confirm you are the site owner. Copy the code and place it in here.

Page Tab: Edit Page Properties and Page Layout


Page Properties – Style designer is used to customize the visual design of your site, set colors, fonts sizes and more of your site title, navigation and more. H1 heading the most important heading tag on your site edit it here. Banner this is where you will upload a custom banner to your site, with Yola its easy to make a professional website. Background change the default background color, or add a background image you can add to the site or a single page. Metadata edit your page headings and titles. Navigation edit your menu. Save page and Delete page.

Layout – Choose the layout of your Yola website here select the layout from a wide range of different layouts. Yola makes it so easy click the layout you want to use save and its done. You can now place different widgets into the layout to get the effect and design you want. Use the text widget for text, image widget to have images and so on.

Widgets – Large Viarity of Widgets to add Text, Images, Galleries, Videos and More


Text Widget – Use the text widget to place text on your site, you have full control of text size, color font and more. Using Yola to make a professional website is easy with the fantastic way they have designed the site builder, you do not need any coding knowledge.

Picture – Upload pictures using the picture widget, resize images to the correct size all done here.

Picture Gallery – Have a professional picture gallery on your site. The gallery will automatically display thumbnails of the images in the gallery.

Column Divider – Use the column divider to place content next to each other.

HTML Code – My favorite with the HTML code widget you can drag the widget anywhere on the page then paste any HTML code in the widget and it will work. Having the HTML widget gives you that little extra control that you might need to build a professional website.

Horizontal Line – Using the horizontal line widget will create a neat line break on your page, great for dividing the page into sections.

Custom Panel – Have more control on any page you build using the custom panel widget. Drag other widgets into the custom panel to get the style and look you want for the page you are creating.

Google Map – On you contact page using the Google map widget will display a map from Google of the location of your business, you will heave to edit the details. Visitors can then find your business on Google maps.

YouTube – Using the YouTube widget enables you to have YouTube videos any where on your page.

Form – Having a custom form on your contact us page is professional. Visitors wanting to contact you can use the form to fill in there details and when they press submit you will receive a email from your site with all the details from the form.

Online Store – If you decide that you now want to sell products from your site Yola gives you the option to upgrade and you can sell products from your own store on your website.

There are a few more options on this section.

Media: More widgets that you can use to add a file, Flickr gallery, MP3 player and more.

Ecommerce: Add a online shop, PayPal, Donation button and Google Adsense.

More: Use more to add social network buttons on your site, Facebook likes, Facebook comment box, Google plus and twitter.

Style – Make A Professional Website – Template Style


Style – Choose your website template style from hundreds of free templates. Yola has a large selection of free templates and paid templates that you can use to make a professional website with.

Change your template by selecting the style you want and saving it, you can even change the style when you have content on your website and all the content will automatically move over to the new template style.

Changing your theme or template will give your site a new look. Making a website with Yola you can change your template as often as you want with out the fear of loosing all your content.

The website building software Yola uses on their site builder is one of the best on the web and you will have all the tools you need to make a professional website.

SEO – Optimize Your Site With A SEO Scan


SEO – SEO is important if you want your site to get visitors from keywords that you are aiming for. How well is the page you are working on optimized for the keyword phrase you are using?

With Yola you can find out how well your complete site is optimized with a complete SEO check up. This will put your SEO on the right track and show you what needs to be changed to compete in your market.

Summary On Building A Website With Yola

Why Choose Yola To Build A Website

If you want to build your own website you have many options on the internet to choose from. Some options cost more and are better, like Yola and others cheaper, remember cheaper is not always best, you are going to put a lot of time and effort into trying to make a professional website.

When you use a website builder make sure its right for you as once you have built your website on the website builder and you want to move your site its very difficult and in some cases you can’t.

Make sure you choose a company that has stood the test of time like Yola as if you use a cheaper company that has just started up it could close down, and you would loose your website.

All The Tools In One Place

As you can see using the Yola Site Builder you have all the tools in one place. From the site builder you can change the style of your site, add new pages, text, images and lots more all done with a few clicks.

Yola is designed to give the person that has never made a website a chance to design there own website for a lot less than a web designer would charge. Their easy-to-use templates and drag-and-drop platform means you can create an attractive website in no time.

Edit your Yola site any where anytime as long as you have a internet connection and your login-in details. Web hosting included with your Yola site builder.

With Yola you will have all the features you need to create your own website.


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