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Link building Service – Finding the right link building service to build your backlinks is very important, and you should be careful who you get to build links for your site. Maybe you should think about doing it yourself that way it will be done properly and you have full control of all the inbound links pointing to your site.

Get High Quality Backlinks from a Link Building Service that you build yourself

Getting high quality backlinks is one way to tell search engines about your site and is just as important as good quality content. Backlinks are a vote for your site, the better the backlink the more that vote counts, we have all signed up to forums and blogs and place links but this is not enough, they are of low quality and no page rank, one good backlink can be the same as 100 backlinks from low quality sites. Why waste your time, the link building service I use gives good quality backlinks, which means I spend a few hours a week creating good quality backlinks that are high quality and relate to the topic of my site. Read up on the latest updates off Google, sites that have poor backlinks are being hit moving down, gone are the days of making thousands of backlinks on your site to rank high, its all about the quality.

I have had lots of emails asking for help because people have used link building schemes and their sites have been penalized, they ask what can be done. One solution is that they need to build better quality links to their sites to overpower the bad links, its the law of averages, by linking to quality sites they will bring the quality of their links back up, and slowly regain their high rankings in search engines once more. Start building your own backlinks I have been building my own backlinks since I started How To Create a Website with the help of a top link building service that gives me all the tools to create my own quality backlinks and lots more.

Whats great about the link building software tool is that you can spy on your competitors that are on the top of search results for a given keyword and find the inbound links they are using, making it easy to place your backlink on the same sites as they use.

With SEO Profiler finding those sites to backlink on just got that much easier

link-building-serviceGET HIGH QUALITY BACKLINKS

Backlinks are the most important ranking signal for Google Yahoo and Bing. Google’s recent updates shows us that the quality of backlinks is important. It is important to get the right backlinks SEO Profiler will help you with your link building and is fully compliant to Google’s rules.

They are compatible with Google’s latest June 2013 ranking algorithm.

Spy on your Competitors with SEO Profiler

Your competitors that are on the first page of Google for your main keyword have spent the time and effort to get their sites in those positions they must be doing something right. But what? Thats where SEO profile can help you with your link building. Once you have signed up click on the get backlinks tab. Here you will be able to be able to spy on competitors and lots more. Place your competitors link into the tool and you will be able to see all the links from blogs, websites, forums, comments and more. Now click on the link and in some case you will also be able to make a comment and add your link or use the same blog and make a short post and add your link in the post. What great is you can select all the best links with high authority and page rank as SEO profiler gives you the info. If you are looking for a link building service then sign up to SEO Profiler.

You don’t need to pay some one in a link building service who could get it all wrong, with SEO Profiler you have full control and can start link building as soon as you sign up.

Get your Website on the First Page Of Google

As well as link build service SEOprofiler provides you with powerful search engine optimization tools that help you to get your website on Google’s first page.


Want to know how your competitors are on the first page of Google and in the top 3 positions? what are they doing that you are not? with this powerful SEO tool you can find out and apply their methods to your site. The tool will analise the top 3 sites on Google for the keyword phrase that you want to rank for and compare your site with the top 3 sites. It will then give you a report telling you in plain English that’s easy to follow what you have to do to achieve the same top page ranking, apply this to your site, do another test and your SEO score will improve the higher you get the score the higher your site moves up. Reach a score of 95 or more and in 4 to 6 weeks your site will also be on page 1 get started you can try it free.

Below is a quote – Google Advises Webmasters to value Link Building

“Link building creates links that help our crawlers find your site and can give your site greater visibility in our search results by doing link building every month. When returning results for a search, Google uses sophisticated text-matching techniques to display pages that are both important and relevant to each search. Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B. Votes cast by pages that are themselves important weigh more heavily and help to make other pages important, this can be achieved with link building.”

Don’t take our word for it see the quote above taken from Google Webmaster Help Center click on link building to see what Google says about link building.


Try SEO profiler free and start your link building service today! The above link is a affiliate link, this means we get a small commission paid by SEO profiler when you sign up. I thank you in advance for using my affiliate link to sign up.

Click on Get Started Now to try it free.

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Maybe you do not have the time to build backlinks then you will have no choice and have to buy backlinks if you want your site to rank.