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Is it free to create a website? The answer is yes there are lots of website builders that you can use to create a website for free and get your business online. But before you think about creating a free website you should take the time to find out what type of site you can build for free. Ask yourself will I need to upgrade to use all the features or can I make a professional website that’s completely free.

lets create your own website for free

Where can you create a free website? Try Wix click on start now above.

So how do I create a website, do I start with the free version and upgrade?

What about free-trial-web-sites? They sound good as I can try before I buy.

Or do I sign up to hosting, download WordPress and make a website.

What do I do?

Why Free Websites Are Bad And Waste Your Time

When you create a website for free you will not have all the features the web-site-builder has to offer. Also your site will be hosted with thousands of other sites on the same sever. This means your site will be slow loading.

You would have spent a lot of time and effort creating your site and will discover that you need to upgrade if you want your site to be professional and work. I have been helping people create websites since 2008 and believe me when you create a website free you are going to waste your time.

If you want to build a professional website then spend a few dollars.

So to answer the question is it free to create a website the answer is Yes you can create a free website but its a bad idea. Invest in yourself, for a few dollars a month you can get top hosting that you control and make a website.

Another problem when you create a website for free is that the company will include their domain. So your domain would look like this you need your own unique domain.

Disadvantages Of Free Websites

  1. Space is limited, if you want more web pages you need to upgrade
  2. The free website builder is limited, to get all the features you need to create a professional website you must upgrade
  3. To many free websites on the same server, search engines may not send much traffic due to slow loading pages
  4. Possibility of ads on your pages
  5. You don’t own your free site or free domain. You are renting it. If the site builder goes broke and closes you loose your site
  6. No guarantees of site availability
  7. No branded emails addresses ([email protected])
  8. Help and support will be poor
  9. You could be asked to pay or upgrade at anytime

Advantages Of Owning Your Own Website And Domain

  1. You own your own domain name (
  2. Your website can be moved anytime if you host it. This means that if you have a problem with your hosting company you can get another hosting company to move your entire site when you sign up with them
  3. Your site will be faster loading as there will be less websites on the same server as your site. This means higher ranking on search results
  4. You can build unlimited pages on your site or blog
  5. Custom email address [email protected]) A lot more professional
  6. Lots of great support and help from your hosting company or site builder
  7. No banners or popups

Instead of searching in Google for is it free to create a website you should be searching for terms like how to create a website and how do you create a website. If you really want to know where can you create a free website then you could build a free website using Wix.

So How Do I Create A Web Site

You can use a website builder

Using a website builder you will get all the web design tools you need to build and design your own website. They also include a domain and hosting.

There are different types of site builders

Free website builders – Why not use a free website builder? Using a free building software is a big no. Its simple your website won’t work and you will need to upgrade, costing a few dollars so its not free.

Once you upgrade you will get all the features the site builder has to offer. But only when you pay do you get to know what those features are and how it all works.

Most free builders do offer a full money back guarantee when you upgrade, just make sure the one you choose does offer the guarantee in case its not to your liking. A better way to create your own website is to use a trial website builder.

Trial website builders – Why use a trial website builder? Because you get to try the site builder and all the features for free for 10 to 30 days, no credit card needed.

This means you get to try and build a website with the site builder free for a limited time. Why is this so great? You don’t spend any money or give any credit card details. You get to see if the web building software the site builder uses is right for you.

Once you have tried the site builder and are happy with the way it works you then sign up and make a monthly payment and continue creating your website.

Ecommerce website builder – If you want to sell products online you will need to use an eCommerce website builder. Ecommerce software built into the site builder will allow you to build a store and sell your products online.

Upload images of the products you wish to sell online add a description, price and presto your items are displayed on your very own online store.

Today’s eCommerce website builders really make it easy as all the coding is done for you, for about $20 a month you can make your own online store.

Sign up to hosting – Question: How do I create a web site using hosting? Its really easy to create your own website when you sign up to a hosting service. Most hosting services include a free domain when you sign up.

Once you have signed up to hosting, website builders and web design tools are included, making it easy to build a website yourself, no web design or coding knowledge is needed. Click here to create your website.

Article: Is it free to create a website was published 08 September 2014

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