Image Tools For Creating A Website That Loads Fast


image-toolsImage Tools. Webmasters use image tools to help them when they build a website. Image tools help to optimize images reducing the image file size for a faster loading site. This means you will not loose impatient visitors that won’t wait for a slow page to load and your site will rank better on search engines. All images on your site should be optimised using image tools like the image resizer and image optimiser.

This will reduce the image file size with out effecting the image quality.

Resize Pictures to the correct size quick and easy with Shrink Pictures

Image Resizer (Shrink Pictures) one of the best image tools, lets say you have a image to load onto your website, the size of the image is 750 x 500 (55.9KB) you could upload the image then adjust the size on your site builder or control the image size using the width and height in your image code.

To make it smaller lets say you used the image code and made it 300 x200 so it fits into the space you have. By changing the image size in the code you have changed the physical size but the load time size, the load time size is still (55.9KB).

Take the same image upload it to the image resizer with the size you require in this case 300 x 200 the tool will resize the image 300 x 200 (16.56KB) note the load time 16.56KB.

By reducing the image file size you will improve the image load time making for a faster loading page.

Optimize Images for Faster Loading

Image Optimizer. Use the image optimizer it will remove unnecessary bytes from any image files.

It is a “lossless” image tool, this means that it optimizes images with out changing visual quality or the way they look, so we upload our image 300 x 200 (16.56KB) to the tool, and wait then copy the same image which is now 300 x 200 (13.60KB) in short a image that was (55.9KB) is now (13.60KB) using both image tools.

Optimize PNG Files By Up To 70%

Compress PNG Files by 70% before you upload them to your site with out effecting the picture quality. If you have png images on the page then this will make the png file smaller and that means a faster loading page.

Online Image Editor. Edit your images online easy and quick.

– You can crop and resize images.
– Put Text on animated gif images.
– Add Borders, merge and overlay any images.
– Place images in a picture frame.
– Edit any photo online.
– Have round corners on your photos.
– Overlay your images with animations!
– Convert, sharpen, reduce size of your animated gif.
– Design your twinkle stars animation.
– Put glitters on to an image.

Image Tools. Works on all formats like: Bitmap (bmp), jpeg (jpg), (animated) Gif, PNG, etc.

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions. With the Beta release of Chrome, many people are looking to download Google Chrome Extensions and we have had several people email wanting to know Where are the Chrome Extensions or Addons here are some Image Addons.

This tool will help you capture a screenshot image of any public web page with a click. You don’t need any software or browser extensions to capture the image of any web page. And it works with lengthy web pages too that extend below the fold. Screen Shots.

Free Online Image Editor. Thumba is a free online image editor. It’s fast, intuitive and has a lot of adjustments and effects that can be applied on your images. You’ll encounter adjustments such: auto correction, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color inversion, etc… You’ll also encounter tools like crop, resize, image analysis, a lot of brushes, etc… And a lot of effects such: distortion, sharpen, blur.

Take your time when you create a website and go it right, sometimes its the little things that you do that makes all the difference, like using image tools.

If you have found some useful image tools that have helped you please let us know in the comments below.

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