HTML Colour Chart With Basic Colors


html-colour-chartHTML Colour Chart. With this dynamic HTML colour chart you can get HTML colour codes for basic colours you might need when you start to create a website. The HTML colour chart gives you the hex colour code for the colour you choose. Paste the hex code in your coding and you will have a exact colour match of the colour you choose.

How to use the HTML Colour Chart

Step 1. Select any colour you see on the HTML colour chart using your mouse scroll over the colour and click on any colour square to get it’s hex colour code.

Step 2. Look at the bottom of the colour chart and the colour that you selected will be displayed in a square box, the hex code for that colour will also be in the box.

Step 3. Copy the hex colour and paste onto your code on your site.

The HTML Colour Chart Pick Your Color

Once you have selected the colour from the HTML Colour Chart the colour and code will be below, to store your colours on the HTML Colour Chart for your next visit click on the pin:

If you have stored the colour by clicking the pin the next time you visit this page it will be displayed, if you click the pin again it will not be stored. The instant eyedropper is another smart image tool you should try, you can select any colour from your computer screen.

If you would like to select your own colours then you can also use our hex colour colour chart generator to select the exact colour you want and get the hex colour code. You can also get 4 similar colours using the colour wheel.

Great for when you are planning your background, menu and theme colours. Try to make sure you use web safe colours when you design your own web site that way the colours of your site will look the same on all computer screens.

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