How To Design A Website – No Design Experience Needed


design-a-websiteWhen you start to design a website there are lots of things to consider. You need to design your website to be fast loading and look good. First of all, speed plays a big part in helping your site rank for the top keywords that you are aiming for, and secondly you want your website to be compatible with all devices. Using the right web building software you will be able to do both.

Design Web Pages To Be Fast Loading – Look Good – Full Of Keyword Rich Unique Content

Be careful what WordPress theme you use, or if you use a website builder what template you use to build a website with. Always do a website speed test on your theme or template first. If the test shows that your home page loads slow then don’t use that theme. Rather look for another one that loads fast.

Some themes have lots of images built into the theme design, the more images used in the theme design the slower it will load. Themes could have slideshows with large images that looks great and you would really like to use, the problem is that the slideshow images and java-scripts will effect the loading time of any page it is on.

Be careful of designers that don’t worry about the design and have a lot of images to make the theme look good, they have not given any consideration to website speed, and very few people are going to see your site if you use a theme from them as it takes to long to load.

When you design a website always keep in mind how long it will take to load. Start with a fast loading theme or template, do a website speed test on the theme before you decide to use it. Also check each web page you build using tools like the web page speed test try our tips below to design a website that’s fast loading.

  • Minimize the use of images in your design – The key to building a fast loading web page is to not have a lot of images in the design. Images do fill space and look great but don’t make 70% of the page images. Important pages that you want to rank should only have one image and should be small. You only want one image for the image alt tag, as you can place a keyword phrase that relates to the keyword for the page in the image alt tag. Load time is more important than images, remember this when you design a website.
  • Resize images – All ways resize images using image resize tools, never resize images by changing the image size in the image code. The physical size of the image will change not the image file size.
  • Optimize images – Reduce the image file size with out effecting the image quality with image optimizing tools before you upload them to your site.
  • Animated gifs – Are images that are animated they can sometimes have a large file size and can be irritating. Avoid them when you design your website.
  • Icons – Facebook, Twitter and other social network icons. Rather than big icons use small icons and make sure they are optimized. Or use links.
  • Plugins – Be careful what plugins you install, check your page speed before you install the plugin then after you have installed it, then decide if you really need it.

Some pages you design might load slower, like a page with a image gallery on it, there is not much you can do about the design, but make sure your main landing pages are designed to be super fast.

When you design a website think of the loading time, landing pages must load fast.

The Best Way To Build Web Sites Is To Use Web Building Software Called WordPress

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Slow hosting results in web pages loading slow. If your hosting is slow you have problems before you even start your website design. Think of your hosting company like the foundations of a building, if its not up to scratch the building will have cracks. Is your hosting not what its cracked up to be?

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When you design a website its not all about the look. Its designing a site that works.

With WordPress You Can Find A Fast Loading Theme.

If you want control when you design a website you should use WordPress. You have a wide variety of free and paid themes to choose from.

Choose your theme and use the website speed test to check how fast the theme loads. This way you will be able to find a theme that loads fast.

If you are using WordPress and have had it over six months, and still not getting lots of visitors maybe its time to re-design your site. Check you loading time and if its slow try changing the theme if the current theme you are using is fast loading then check your on-page SEO and off page SEO.

Also check how many plugins you have, do you need them all?

Speed Up Word-Press – Improve Over All Page Speed By Up To 10x

When you build a website with WordPress you can add extra features to your site design with plugins, they are simple to install and activate. There are thousands of plugins to choose from, what ever design feature you are looking for there is a plugin.

Use an effective caching plugin

Improve over all page speed by up to 10x. W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration and its free.

Simply install and activate, and watch your page load faster as elements are cached.

The Overall Look Of Your Site

Background colours – Setting up the design of your own website is the fun part, change the background colour to reflect the type of site you are building. Use web safe colours that will display exactly the same on all computers for best design results.

Font size – Is important make sure you set up a readable font size also when you resize the font don’t forget to also change the line height. Your font should be easy to read and not clash with your background colour in your design.

Headings – Use the heading tags which have larger text to divide your page design into different sections, followed by text that relates to the heading. The H1 tag is the main heading for the page and most important heading on the page, think carefully what content you place in it. All headings should have keyword related words.

Main text – Keep to the topic of the page, use a variety of different keywords, try use 3 to 5 word keyword phrases. Write for humans not search engine spiders. Google loves content and plenty of it. Have a minimum of 500 words on a page more is better. Never copy from other sites, those sites have already been indexed and Google knows that content belongs to that site. Copy it and your site won’t rank.

Images – Keep small only one or two on a page you want to rank high, name the image with keywords, use the image alt text and place a keyword related phrase in it.

Social media – Add social media buttons at the top and bottom of each page, visitors sharing your page promote your site.

Home page – The most important page on your site, use only one small image. Content should be 1200 words or more of good quality content. Take your time with the content, make sure its optimized for your niche, and its the best you can get it.

Site navigation – Plan your site navigation, think silo structure its so powerful for your SEO and helps visitors find what they looking for, our website design has a silo structure. When you design a website, design it so that every page on your site is no more than 3 clicks away from the home page.

When you design a website try to keep your website design simple, fast loading and clean, also check each page you design for spelling mistakes. If you change any CSS codes you should check your site on different web browsers with browsershots.


As you design a website keep the site layout nice and clean, keep each page you design to topic, use keyword phrases in title tags and description tags. Use heading tags in the correct order H1 being your most important and H6 less important, place keyword phrases in the tags. Include keywords in your main text content use bold and italic to boost those keywords. Name images with keywords and place keywords in the image alt tags. Include keywords and long tail keywords in as many places as you can in your design, write for humans not search engines. Never copy content from other sites. When you design a website be careful of how many images you place on the page less is best, faster loading site ranks higher in search engines.

Hopefully you now know a little more on how to design a website by yourself, if there is only one point you follow when you design a website it should be your website speed, make sure you design a website that is fast loading and well optimized for its keywords. This will give you the best results.

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