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site-analysisSite analysis – SEO Centro has a easy to use web site analysis tool to analyze your meta tags. Place your website URL in the site analysis tool below and press submit. A new page will open with a detailed in depth analysis of the page you are checking. The site analysis tool from SEO Centro tells you how well the relevancy tags are to page content by giving you a score from 0% to 100% and if the length of the tags are correct.

Start your site analysis with SEO Centro place your URL below and press submit.


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The SEO site analysis tool will also show you what your title and description tag look like on search engines. Keywords found in the anchor tags and how many times you have the same keyword in the anchor tag. See all your keywords that are in the anchor tags at a glance.

Do you place keywords in image alt tags when you create a website? The site analysis tool will also show you all your image alt tag keywords. Make sure you have your primary keyword in the image alt tag if you have images on the page. Use different keywords in the image alt tags, never place the same keywords over and over in different image alt tags or you will over optimise that keyword phrase. Each image alt tag on the page must have a unique keyword phrase.

Next check single keywords, two word keywords, and three word keywords for the page you are analyzing. See how many single, two, and three keyword phrases you have what they are. How many times the same keywords are used and the keyword density. Looking closely at these keywords will help you determine how well your page is optimised for those keywords you have optimised the page for.

Lastly the site analysis tool will give you a list of all the internal and external links on the page and warn you if you have to many. For good SEO practice you should not have more than 100 links on a page.

Why Use The SEO Site Analysis Tool

Using a site analysis SEO tool like SEO Centro to get a quick overview of how well you have optimized the page you are analyzing could be a help and show you potential weak areas on your page, and if you know whats wrong you can fix it.

See how your page link structure is, how many one, two, and there keyword phrases are on the page and what they are, your important keywords should be at the of the analysis tool as they should be more prominent.

Its important to use some sort of web site analysis tool when you create a website.

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