How To Build Your Own Website It Does Not Have To Be Hard


Have you ever wondered about how to build your own website, then this article will be helpful for you. Have no idea where to start? That’s perfectly normal to be honest. You’re not alone as for most people, building a website online is still a bit of a mystery.

For most people, creating a website is something that only IT geeks and web designers are were able to do. These coders would lock themselves in the basement, have no friends, and wears glasses. Right? Right? Well, that was the old school stereotype that most people had for coders.

You battled to get hold of them and when you did ask for something to be done it would cost you no matter how small or large the update was.

Today. You don’t need to be an IT geek or study to become a web designer to learn how to build your own website.

You don’t even need to know HTML or CSS code, you don’t need to manage hosts / servers, and you don’t need to have a lot of money. You don’t need to study web design. How is this possible you ask. Yes it is in today’s world anyone can learn how to create a website in minutes with the help of web site builders.

Website technology has really improved over the past few years. The web has grown faster than ever before. Facebook is the number one website in the world, Google is king, and normal folks like you and me can build your own website in the comfort of your home or office.

More and more people are creating websites to get their business online. Or as a way to express themselves and get in touch with others. Businesses in today’s world cannot be with out a website. Its a way of reaching more potential customers, and selling more stock.

If you are thinking of building a business, or if you already in business but haven’t built your site yet you must be crazy, you’re falling further and further behind, and loosing loads of potential business on the world wide web.

At this stage you have some questions that you would like to ask:

How easy is it to build your own website?
What is a good web site builder?
How much does it cost to build your own website?

Lets stop and think about it for a minute. Do you really need to create a website after all there is Facebook. Why not use Facebook to promote your business or sell your stuff online. Because, if you are in business you should have your own unique brand.

Your new web site will reflect your brand. You can change the look add logos and banners and really make it yours. You have full control of everything. Today’s site builders give you the control like never before.

Over the past few years there are lots of sites builders and web site creators that are available to use to build websites. You do not need to have any coding knowledge to use them. They are simple to use and do all the coding for you. If you can type a few words, have a computer and internet then using a web site builder you to can create a website that you will be proud of.

The people that make the site builders use website building software that’s so smart it does the coding for you. When you are signed into your site builder control panel you have many options. From changing the look and feel of your site, to colors. Add new content, pictures, and videos all with a few clicks of your mouse.

You can insert your own text, upload an image, add a video you created or insert a YouTube video, once done click review and check its all correct the publish the page and bingo its live on the web for all to see. It reall is that easy.

How Easy Is It To Build Your Own Website

Now your thinking this sounds to good to be true. Build my own website when I know nothing about building websites how is this possible, it’s probably not, right? Well today is your lucky day, it is true. It is easy to create your own website, thanks to modern technology you to can make a website with out any coding knowledge, its that easy!

You will have to invest time into creating your own unique content and setting your site up to the way you want it. But not knowing coding is no longer a excuse if you want to create your own website.

What Is A Good Website Builder

There are many ways to make a website using website builders. So where do you find a good website builder? Do a search in Google for website builders? You will find lots of sites saying their web site builder is the best.

A Word Of Warning

Lots of sites let you create a website free with their site builder. Be warned to build a professional website you need to upgrade to get all those much needed extra features the site builder has to offer. So what you thought was free is not free. DON’T GET CAUGHT. If its free its no good.

Choose a site builder that lets you try it out before you give any credit card details or make any payments. They normally offer you 30 days. This way you get to try build your own website and see if the site builder is right for you. No waiting for a refund if you don’t like it.

Free Trial Web Site Builder

One such site builder that I can recommend that lets try before you buy is Easysite. Their free trial site builder is great and you should try it if you want to make a website.

Click here to create your website with Easysite.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website

The cost of building a website varies. But if you use Easysite its less than $20.00 p/month. You get fast reliable hosting, a free domain name, site builder and eCommerce software included to sell your stuff online. Its really a good deal and you can try the site builder out free for 30 days no credit card required.

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