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Free domain and web hosting that’s all you need to make a website. We all need web hosting when we build a website, and hosting is hosting right? Wrong. If you started a business and looked for a empty premises would you take the first available empty premises? No you would choose a good location in a busy street, and make sure you had plenty of entrance doors to allow customers easy entrance especially when it got busy. Think of web hosting in the same way choose the wrong hosting company and its like finding a premises in the wrong location.

Get a Free Domain and Super Fast Reliable Web Hosting


If you had a small entrance to your business and you had a lot of visitors all at once they would not be able to get in and no one likes to stand and wait outside. They would just leave.

Hosting is very similar, using free web hosting, or cheap web hosting when your site gets busy, visitors could find your pages loading slow. The more visitors you get the slower the pages load. This will effect site performance and you could loose visitors that don’t wait.

Hosting providers are always trying to beat each other when it comes to price to get the business, but cheaper is not always best they are there to make money and if its cheap they are probably hosting to many sites on one server.

This means that your site is being hosted with lots of other sites on the same server and as soon as some of those sites get busy with lots of visitors the slower all those sites load. This then effects your site.

You need to find a web hosting company that limits the amount of websites it has on one sever that way your site will always be fast loading.

We have found one of the best company’s, get a free domain and web hosting at a great price.

Building a Website Host your Site with Green Geeks

If you are looking for a web hosting provider that offers the best web hosting service then look no further. Great customer support, 99.99% and best of all super fast.

Get a free domain and web hosting all from one place. Your site will be fast loading even when it gets busy, and if you don’t want a free domain you can use one you already own or register it some where else.

Once you have signed up for your free domain and web hosting you will be able to build your own website using WordPress.

If you have a website and are not happy with your current hosting provider then make the change to super fast hosting

Free Site Migration

Do you have a site or blog already? Not happy with your hosting provider? Is your site slow loading? Then you need to move your hosting they will move your site for free with their free site migration.

What is a site migration? Simple, you have a website already and have hosting but you are not happy and are thinking of moving but what a headache, how do you move your site or all your sites if you have more than one site, rather just leave it.

Move Your Site For Free

No do not leave it! Green Geeks hosting will move one site or all your sites to their servers for free when you sign up for 1 year of web hosting.

When you sign up to host your site click on free site migration and they will get to work and copy all your existing files on the web hosting company you use to their servers, normally this is done within 24 to 48 hrs.

Your site will not be effected and still runs as normally no down time. Next when all the files are copied you will receive a email to confirm that they have finished and that you should change your domain DNS setting to theirs.

No Down Time Your Site Will Remain Online

Once you have changed the DNS setting it takes anything from a 2hrs to 24 hrs for the switch over to take effect. Your site will now be hosted on Green Geeks servers and no down time during the process.

Visitors will not know about the change over, sorry I was wrong they will know when your site is hosted by Green Geeks as it will probably load much quicker. This means in a few weeks higher search engine rankings for all your pages.

Get a Free Domain and Web Hosting in a few minutes

The below link is a affiliate link and I thank you in advance if you click on the link and sign up to the hosting, as I do get a small commission when you sign up. The commission is paid by Green Geeks and not from your payment. If you need any help please contact me.


I use Green Geeks Hosting for this site and all my other sites their web site hosting plan is tops, they are the foundation that I rely on for super fast hosting and the best web hosting company that I have used that’s why I recommend them.

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