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The Best Way To Build A Website

There are lots of different ways that you can build a website, but one of the best ways is to build a website with WordPress. WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems on the web, and its made for beginners and advanced users that want to have a online presence by building their own blog or site.

How To Install WordPress

Once you sign up to your hosting account you will need to find the WordPress logo in your hosting account dashboard and install WordPress on to your hosting account.

Setting Up WordPress

Once you have installed WordPress there are a few things that you should do to help make your site work better, once you have set up WordPress you should fine tune it by watching some WordPress training videos then you will be ready to start building your own website. If you would like to improve your internal link structure and SEO then think about creating a silo structure website.

The Top Five Website Builders

Another way that you can create your own website is using a site builder. There are so many website builders to choose from that it can be confusing. We all love free stuff and there are plenty of site builders that will offer your to build a free website and that’s great right? You get to make a website and it won’t cost a dime.

Only after you sign up and start to create a free website do you find out its rubbish. Yes you can make a free site but its not going to bring you visitors and looks un-professional. Only when you upgrade do you get the full version of the site builder, and can then build a professional website.

Look for website builders that offer a free trial of 10 days or more this way you get to use all the functions the site builder has and see if its right for you. Always look for reviews on site builders and use one of the top five website builders on the web. You can even make your own eCommerce website and sell products online with site builders.

What You Need To Build Your Own Web Site

You will need to register a domain name and sign up to hosting with a reliable hosting company, then use website building software to create a website. It will cost less that $10 for your domain, this is for one year and less than $4.00/month for hosting.

How To Design A Website

When you start to design your own website stop and think about what you are doing. The only reason you want a website is to get your brand out to the world, or sell products online. First impressions of your site are important, it must be professional, easy to navigate and have a good website design.

Need Help? Contact Us

If you register your domain and hosting from our site we receive a small commission and will change the DNS setting to your hosting account and then install WordPress for free. You will have to forward us the domain and hosting details, also you must contact us first and we will guide you what to do.

Customize Your WordPress Theme

Start your new website with a custom theme that reflects your market. Show us what you would like your theme to look like and we will build a custom theme for your site.

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Colour Tools

Hex Colour Code Chart Generator

Use our hex colour code chart generator to generate any colour. Copy the hex colour code to your site and place the code in your HTML and you will have the exact same colour. You can also get 4 matching colours great for your website design to match menu, background and link colours.

Basic Colour Chart

If you are looking to find some basic colours use the basic colour chart, when you select the colour you would like the hex code will appear for you to copy.

Web Browser Safe Colours

Web browser safe colours are colours that will look the same on all web browsers, they are safe colours to use on your site and won’t change when viewed on different computers or browsers. Select your web safe colours here.

Instant Eyedropper

Sometimes you might need to match a colour or would like to use a certain colour on your computer screen. Pick the colour value from any pixel on your computer screen easy. If you need to match a HTML Colour Code then the instant eyedropper is the colour tool you need to have.

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Webmaster Tools

Check Your Site Speed

Website speed plays a big role in helping you rank high, make sure your site is designed to be fast loading, check your website speed and from the results improve your site load time. A faster loading website is better for visitors and search engines.

Resize Images Online

If your image is to large to fit in to the space you have on your blog or website you can use the image resize tool to resize the image to the correct size.

Compress Images Online

Compressing images before you upload them to your site will help the page load faster. When you compress images it will reduce the image file size not the image quality or physical size. Use the image optimizer to reduce your image file size then load the images to your site. Also be careful how many images you place on a page.

Online HTML Editor

Use our free HTML editor to help you with any HTML Codes you might want to create. Our online HTML editor will generate HTML codes for you to copy and paste to your own website. Create new codes or get some HTML coding practice.

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