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create-an-ecommerce-website-with-easysiteLearn how to create an eCommerce website with one of the best eCommerce website builders on the web, try it free for 30 days, free domain and web hosting included.

What is Ecommerce? Electronic commerce or “eCommerce” simply means doing business on the Internet. If you have purchased anything using the Internet, you have used eCommerce to do so. Web sites like Amazon and Ebay are good examples.

Just about everyone has purchased items from an online store. It’s easy to purchase items online using an eCommerce website. It’s more difficult and some would say overwhelming to move from being a buyer to being a seller.

With an eCommerce website, that’s what you’re doing – you’re creating an online store page to sell products and services from a web site. The usual process for shopping includes browsing for items, selecting items to purchase by placing them into a virtual shopping cart then purchasing the items with an electronic form of payment, credit cards, debit cards, etc.

If you have a physical store location you should really consider creating a virtual store location by learning how to create an eCommerce website. In order to be considered an eCommerce web site, your site must at a minimum be able to have products or services, have an online shopping cart that visitors can use to select the items they want to purchase and lastly have a way to process the transaction to allow the finalized transaction to take place to pay for the items.

After an order is place from an online eCommerce shopping site, any physical items will be shipped out from the owner of the online store site. Most online retailers will also send out email receipts to the purchaser that used the eCommerce web site. Some will even offer order tracking as an additional feature to an online shopping site.

There are lots of advantages to purchasing online using an eCommerce web site. The store is always open. You don’t have to leave your home to shop online. Some online shopping web sites will offer reviews that let you find out what other customers think of a product or service.

It’s not all upside though for eCommerce site builders. There are still a few disadvantages. For example, if you want something right now, like today, you can’t beat going to a local physical store and picking out what you want.

With an eCommerce website, there usually is a delay of at least two, three or even more days between the time you purchase an item and the time that you receive what you purchased. Another disadvantage that is related to this is the cost of shipping.

Shipping is usually an extra charge that will be added onto an online order. Because of this, some eCommerce web site owners will offer free shipping as a promotion to compete with a customer’s local retailers.

Why create an eCommerce website?

If you have a physical storefront location and don’t also have an online eCommerce site, you are missing out on sales. With an eCommerce website, you can be open at all times and be available to anyone at any place in the world (so long as the visitor to your online store has an Internet connection).

Once you have learned how to create an eCommerce website, you will be able to take all your existing products and display them within your site. Your site at this point can act as a menu that lets people know what your small business has to offer. Customers could also purchase items directly from your web site, get sneak previews of specials and lots more.

Other customers that might visit your physical location may be visitors to your area. If the customer really likes what your business has to offer, they will be able to pay you a virtual visit if you have created an eCommerce website.

How to get started creating an eCommerce website

These days, there are lots of easy ways to create an eCommerce website. Not long ago, the only way to create an online business was to hire a eCommerce website designer. This is still an option, but hiring a eCommerce website designer can be an expensive and time-consuming task. If you do have the time, money and patience to work with eCommerce website designers, you can get the exact site that you want, but again at a pretty steep price.

A web-developer will need a specification of exactly what you want. Next they will need you to have a merchant account for your business. After that, they can start working on the code which would most likely consist of HTML, JavaScript, server-side scripting, database design and development, etc. Basically, there is a lot of work that goes into creating a custom eCommerce site and costs are high building it this way.

Fortunately for you starting your own online shop is much simpler these days

Using an eCommerce web site builder that is available online, just about anyone can build an eCommerce website, that has eCommerce or shopping features built in. You can create a full eCommerce web site in very little time and with very little expense, and all by yourself. No eCommerce website designer needed.

This is a great way for business owners to get started with selling items online. Even if a business owner has the resources to hire a web-development firm, they should at least try out the latest online eCommerce site builders first.

They just might find that they can get the job done quickly and easily all on their own and save. We have reviewed many web site builders that will let you create an online store complete with shopping cart and check out.

Easysite is far and away our favorite and most recommended eCommerce website creator

With Easysite eCommerce website creator it’s very easy to create a complete eCommerce web site literally within a matter of a few hours. Because it’s so simple to build your own web site with Easysite, it’s the perfect site builder for small business owners.

There are many web site builders available that will let you create your own eCommerce website. Some are difficult to use and require special software to install, while others require that you purchase a separate merchant account and secure certificate to use with your web site’s domain name.

This isn’t the case with Easysite, everything is taking care of for you. Everything you need is built into the site. It’s nice that you don’t have to upgrade to build your online store within the system or do a special installation.

This means you can use Easysite to build your own web site and if you later decide to sell products all the features are already in the site builder to use. Or use the eCommerce software from the beginning and create your online shop.

Some of the features

  • Try the full system on the eCommerce website builder free for 30 days
  • No credit card required or payment of any kind needed to sign up and try
  • All the eCommerce website templates are free and included in the site builder
  • Free domain and web hosting included with every Easysite initial payment
  • No HTML coding or design knowledge needed to create an eCommerce website
  • Lots of helpful video tutorials to show you how the eCommerce software works
  • Top support from a team of experts that will assist you when you have a problem
  • They can even set up and build your online store for you in a few days

Why not try Easysite for free and create an eCommerce website in a few easy steps, that way you will see how easy it is to use and why its called Easysite.

How easy is it to create an online store?

When you create your Easysite website, everyone initially starts with a 30-day free trial. No credit needed. This lets you tryout the best eCommerce website builder without any obligation to purchase after the trial is over.

After you sign up

After you sign up, you’re dropped right into your web site that is appropriately titled “Your New Website”. The first thing you’ll probably do is update the title of your site and pick a look from the web site design templates that are available.

Unlike many other eCommerce website builders including WordPress, there are no premium design templates within Easysite that you have to purchase. All templates are free and come with the eCommerce software solution, making it easy to build your online store.

Anyhow, after you’re done with your initial tweaks to make your own website you can navigate right to the store page to start building your eCommerce website.

Enter your PayPal email address

Once you’re in the online store page, you simply enter your PayPal email address into the entry on the page to establish the account that is going to collect payments and process transactions.

Add a department to your store page

Next, you add a department to your store page. You have to add a department before adding an item as the store page is organized by departments. Once you have a department, simply click the “add item” link to access the dialog that lets you add an item that you want to sell from your web site.

Start adding items

There are lots of options in the “add item” dialog or pop-up window. At first this dialog can seem confusing because there are so many options. After further examination, the only two required fields are the item name and the item price. Of course every item should also have at least one picture associated with it.

Once you have entered the basic information about the product, you can click the OK button to post the new item to your online store page. At this point you have created an eCommerce website. Well, that was easy.

Upon further examination, the “add item” window has lots of useful features. For example, instead of a price you can select “Donation” or “Customer Sets” as these options let the visitor pick the amount.

Add the item weight and id

You can add the weight of the item which is useful if you calculate shipping based upon weight. Add an item id to make sure you send the exact item that has been ordered. You can select whether an item is taxable or not and you can even select if an item is only available to your logged-in website members.

Display up to twenty five pictures per item

When this option is enabled, only members can view the price of the item and place an order. Beyond those options, Easysite allows you to display up to twenty five pictures per item. This is useful if you have an item with lots of options, such as colors and styles. Speaking of which, there are two “choice” options per item. This allows you to enter a list of different colors or sizes for example.

You can associate these choices with the pictures, if someone selects a “blue” option you can associate it with the blue item picture, etc.

Easysite has even built into the add item dialog inventory tracking controls. If you choose to use the inventory tracking, you can choose an overall inventory amount or use the first set of choices to set up the inventory numbers.

Inventory amounts will be decreased automatically

With this in place, once an order is place, the inventory amounts will be decreased automatically. Another nice feature of using the inventory is that it will prevent customers from purchasing items that you don’t have in stock. Once the inventory amount hits zero, customers will not be able to order the item.

The layout of the items within a department is nice and simple. Once a visitor clicks an “add to cart” button, a simple shopping cart drops down from the top of your site and is available throughout the site, no matter what page the customer is on.

The shopping cart is maintained automatically

The shopping cart is also maintained automatically. If a visitor puts some items to order into the shopping cart, then they navigate away to a different web site, close their browser or even turn off their computer, once they come back to the web site their shopping cart will still contain the items that the visitor previously selected for purchase.

A couple of final notes about the easy to use eCommerce website builder by Easysite:

You can select the currency you want to offer to your customers. You can also choose to send your customers email receipts from your site. These are nicely formatted email receipts complete with pictures of the items that have been ordered.

Alternatively, you can choose to only send yourself these email receipts or turn them off completely.

Visitors can post online reviews and rating for your store items

Lastly, there is also a system to create online reviews for your store items. This is a feature that is a rare find for online ecommerce website builders. When this feature is enabled, your visitors can post online reviews and rating for your online store items.

Another nice feature is that you can choose to see and approve any reviews before they are posted to your website’s online store. This is the setting that we recommend people use as it will safeguard against spammer’s or even your competitors from posting onto your web site.

Along with the review, a customer can rate the product on a one to five star scale. The average ratings appear as gold stars above the rated item, right next to the item’s price at the top.

Of course there is a detailed page for each item. When you’re on this page, you can see and read the detailed description for the product and also read any online reviews. Pictures are also larger on this page and you can easily scan through the complete list of pictures that are associated with the item.

As you can tell, we are excited about the direction that Easysite has taken. I’m sure that other eCommerce website builders will follow their lead and will catch up eventually to the ease of use and features that are offered.

If you decide that this system is not the right one for you, you can simply let your site expire and that’s that.

Do-It-Yourself with Easysite offers a very easy to use, eCommerce website builder (that’s Do-It-Yourself). The sites that are created using Easysite are professional and very attractive. The website builder also makes webpages that are search engine ready and social media friendly, build your online store today with Easysite.

If you want a web site that is SEO friendly, set up just the way that Google as well as other search engines want it to be, and if you want a web site that can easily connect with the most popular social networking websites, look no further than Easysite.

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