Lots Of Free HTML Codes To Create A Website


free html codesLots of free HTML codes to help you create your own website. The free HTML codes are easy to use, find a HTML code that you would like to use copy it and paste it on your site. Then edit the HTML code to make it display your stuff. We also have some HTML beginner tutorials that you might find helpful if you are building a website and trying to learn HTML.

Beginner HTML Tutorials

Below we have a introduction to HTML. But first lets tell you what HTML is. HTML (hypertext markup language) is the computer language that is used to create documents on the Web. Its like learning a new language and be a bit confusing to understand at first. But you will soon pick it up.

HTML documents are text files that consist of HTML tags. Using these tags you can place text, images and anything on your page exactly where you want it by placing it in the tags. This means that your page will have a lot of different tags and in those tags is content, the tags place the content in a certain order and you get a basic layout on the page. When you publish your page the tags cannot be see only the content will be seen. If you look at the source code for the page you will see the HTML tags.


HTML COLOUR TOOLS. When you are working on you website there are lots of good HTML tools that you can use below are a few of the HTML colour tools.

HTML Editor. If you are looking for a online editor to edit or create some new HTML codes then try our free online HTML editor.


Navigation Menus. If you are looking for a nice menu that uses HTML colour background codes instead of images (very fast loading) then select one of the menus below. They are easy to edit and super fast loading. Text colour, text size, background colour can all be changed from the CSS code.

Fading Banners HTML Codes

Fading banner codes, copy the code replace our image links with yours and you will have a nice fade in fade out image slide show or fading banner. Full tutorials on how to edit the HTML code.

Image Slide Shows

Fade in fade out image slide show. Display your pictures on your site images can be hyper-linked full tutorials on how to edit the image slide show HTML code.

Scrolling Images

Use the scrolling image HTML code to have images scrolling up the page. Visitors can then click on a image and they will be taken to that page you can hyper-link the image. Nice if you have a clothing website you could have T-Shirts displayed on it that move up. If a visitor clicks the T-Shirt they would be taken to the T-Shirt page.

Comment Box

Simple comment box code to add to your site. Looks great and works well.

Scrolling Text, Typing Text and Expanding Text Message

Use these text messages on your site. They are great as you can have a lot of content text in a small area. The scrolling marquee can have links with your text as it scrolls across the page. The typing text HTML code is great it will catch the attention of visitors and is easy to use.

Fade In Fade Out Text

You can control the size of box, background colour, text colour and lots more. The text will fade in then fade out new text then fades in and so on. Very easy to edit.

Borders and Backgrounds

A large selection of border and backgrounds HTML codes.

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