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create-a-website-freeThe Best Free Website Builder

Create a website free with the best website builder on the web. Create fantastic effects and animations without knowing anything about programming at all. Build your new HTML5 website with Wix and it will look great on smartphones and tablet devices such as the iPad. Impressive your visitors with a stunning design that looks incredibly professional using the latest website design technology.


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The Best Drag And Drop Editor

Wix has one of the best drag-and-drop editors on the web. What is a drag-and-drop editor? It simple means that you can literally drag elements anywhere on the page using your mouse. When the element is in the correct position save it and the element you moved will have moved on the web page you are building. On other website builders you can drop the elements to certain areas/blocks only, with Wix you’re free to stick those to any place in your site design.

This technique makes arranging content on your page very easy, no HTML knowledge or coding knowledge is needed. You can resize and move images and content to fit in a space with a few clicks. This means you have complete control of any page you build.

This type of website builder is ideal for the person that wants to design there own website and has little or no experience on how to do it.

Should You Create A Website Free With Wix

Should you create a website free with Wix? Its not a good idea to create a website free on any website builder. You will soon realize that with a free website there are disadvantages. But if you really want to create a website free then Wix should be your first and only choice.

The reason is that there are limitations on what features your website building software has when they let you build a website free and after a while you will discover that you need to upgrade to get those extra features.

The great thing about Wix is that because you can create a free website you can see how it all works, build and design websites using their templates and top grade hosting for free see how easy it is to use and then when you ready upgrade with confidence because you know its right for you.


  • Hundreds of top design templates to choose.
  • Hosting included with every package even when you create a website free.
  • Simple and easy to use drag-and-drop editor.
  • Choose from lots of free Wix apps.
  • Your site will be mobile friendly.
  • Step-by-step tutorials and videos on Wix.
  • Tons of free content.



If you are looking for a design that’s out of this world then look no further. Wix offer some of the best templates, clean, fresh, powerful, and eye-catching. Whats great they are free. You can even change colors, background and other elements of the design, except for the template. Wix templates are better than most of the other site builder templates, you will be impressed.

We Recommend WordPress To Make Your Website

Did you know WordPress is free to use. Its used by millions of people to create their websites. Whats great about WordPress is that if you want to move your entire site you can.

If you create a free website using Wix you are stuck with Wix. Each time you upload a web page to Wix its stored in Wixs format that means that its impossible to ever move your site.

If you create a free Website with WordPress all you have to do to move your site is change your hosting provider. The new hosting provider will move your entire WordPress site for free.

This taken into consideration building a free site from Wix is not a good idea. Rather make your new website using WordPress and hosting WordPress with a hosting provider.

How To Build A WordPress Site

If you would like to create a professional website using WordPress then we have some easy to follow step by step tutorials on how to make a WordPress website.

How To Build A Website Using WordPress
To start building a WordPress website all you need to do is find a reliable hosting company that has the one click WordPress installation button. This way its quick and easy to install WordPress.
WordPress Is Free To Use
Did you know WordPress is free to use? Yes you can make a website using WordPress software and the software is free to download and use. Updates are also free.
If You Have A Idea Share It With The World
Do you have a great idea? Why not make a website and share your idea with the World. Its easy when you use WordPress no coding knowledge required.
Choosing The Right Website Platform
There are so many different ways that you can use to make your own website that choosing the right website platform is crucial.
Do You Have A Idea?
Do you have a idea? May be that idea will make you money. Create a website and share your idea with the World.
How To Make A WordPress Website
WordPress is free to use, but if you want to make a website you will need to download and install WordPress on to a new hosting account. Here we show you how to download and install WordPress.
Step-By-Step Guide On Setting Up WordPress
Once you have downloaded and installed WordPress on to your hosting you will want to read our step-by-step guide on setting up WordPress.

If you would like any help building your site please email me [[email protected]] before you sign up anywhere. I will give you a free domain name for life and save you 20% on one years hosting. I can even download and install WordPress onto your hosting account for you.

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