Compress PNG File


Compress png file or shrink png files is a great way to reduce a png image file making your image image file smaller with out effecting the image quality. Compress png is a fantastic image tool that will compress png image files by up to 70% this will help to keep your site fast. Its very quick to compress png files and well worth the effort. When you make a website make sure you reduce your png file before uploading it to your server. It does not effect the quality or look of the image on your website, but it will increase page load time and make the page load faster. Your png image will use less bandwidth and load faster. Page load time can effect your page position, the faster you pages load the higher those pages can appear in search results.

Its important to compress png files before uploading to your site, this will reduce image file size.

How Does It Work

How does it work? Why compress png files? Image png files when made have similar colours that are combined to form the image.

They are normally 24-bit png files that have a large file size and very good quality. What the tool does is to compress the png file by converting a 24-bit png file to a much smaller 8-bit indexed colour image file.

And all unnecessary metadata is stripped too in the png file. The result is a tiny 8-bit png file with 100% support for transparency.

If you looked at before and after you will not notice any difference in the quality of the image, but you will see a that the png file size has been reduced by as much as 70%.

If You You Have A Website You Should Always Compress png Files Before You Upload The File To Your Site – Shrink Your Images


When you create a website or have a website the faster each page loads on computers the better it is for visitors.

Google, Yahoo and Bing rank faster loading sites higher in their search results. All images should be the correct size and compressed before you upload them to your site, this is good practice. Always compress png files before you upload them to your web page.

Compress png Files to reduce the image file size, create faster loading web pages

Its easy go to and upload your png image file, in a few seconds you can download the compressed image file to your computer. Your image file will be reduced ready to load on your site. The image will still be transparent and will use less bandwidth and load faster.

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