Check Broken Links On Website


check-for-broken-links-on-a-website-or-blogCheck broken links on website. When you create a website you will have a lot of different links to different pages on your site and also to websites that you have linked to. You should check your site at least once a month for broken links. Dead hyperlinks on websites are not just annoying, their existence may cause some real damage to your websites SEO.

Check At Least Once A Month For Dead Internal And External Links And Remove Them

Check broken links at least once a month don’t damage your online business or your reputation on the Internet! Or you could:

  • Lose some of the existing customer base current users sooner or later will get frustrated enough to never come back
  • Get problems with getting new customers because of the dead links visitors simply won’t be finding things/pages they are looking for.
  • Damage your reputation online most of online customers consider stale hyperlinks as demonstration of no respect to them from the site’s owners
  • Have negative impact on your website’s ratings with major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc

Broken link checker is one of the best web tools to check broken links on website

The Broken Link Checker has been named as one of the Best Web Tools (to check broken links) of 2012 by they said: is a reliable and flexible tool.

With this program, you don’t need to manually search for dead links. Web Hosting Search commends the service of Broken Link Checker and so do I.

improve your seo and-rank higher

Check broken links on your website at least once a month, remove dead or broken links and improve your sites SEO

Check broken links on your site with the broken link checker this SEO Tool will help to keep your site free of dead links by showing you where your dead links are on your site.

It will check internal links and external links and works online nothing to download. Click on the link below enter your site URL in the box and click find broken links. If any broken links are found remove them.

The broken link checker will also show your where exactly those broken links are, it will crawl your website page by page searching for issues and will detect invalid webpage references on your website.

If you have any broken links the report will show you exactly where those broken links are. For each broken link found (both internal and outgoing) you will see a page that contains HTML source and highlights the actual HTML tag containing the broken link.

Now all you have to do is remove them, if its a internal link that may be incorrect fix it or if you have removed the page delete it.

Find Bad And Dead URLs In Virtually No Time It’s Never Been So Easy To Locate And Fix Dead Links

Such a unique feature makes this checking service stand out from other available problem detection tools, and makes it very convenient for a webmaster to find bad URLs in virtually no time. It’s never been so easy to locate and fix dead links!

Check Broken Links On Your Site.

You should try check broken links at least once a month

Bonus Tips On Link Building Or Off Page SEO

Links play a important part of off page SEO when you build a website. Getting high quality backlinks is one way to tell search engines about your site and is just as important as good quality content. Its simple you need to do some type of link building if you want your site to work.

Make sure that you submit your site to Google, Yahoo and Bing and if you are looking for some free backlinks click here also check your backlinks once a month.

Another way is to look for sites with the same topic as your site and allow you to make a guest post follow their rules and get a good quality backlink in the post. Look for sites that you can submit your link to that are the same niche as your site.

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