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A Comprehensive Guide To SEO: How To Boost Your Website Ranking


Having a hard time bolstering your SEO ranking? Or have you been wondering about the efficient ways to improve your site’s visibility on search engines? Regardless of your reasons, there’s no denying that it takes a lot of effort and expertise to maintain a good position in the SEO industry and to beat your competitors. read more

How To Trade Cryptocurrency And Earn Profits Online


People nowadays love to get something that will make their life easier! Just imagine how many new robots for house cleaning we have! And if we speak about getting the money, I need to say that online trading becomes more and more popular every day.

That is why cryptocurrency trading is very popular now even among people who have their jobs but want to get an additional source of money. A lot of “professional traders” promise everyone that they can earn a lot of money without experience and with an investment of around one hundred dollars.

That Is Not True

And today I will tell you everything you need to know to make your trading easier and profitable. As I told you before, you don’t have to believe that you can start trading crypto with no experience.

That is why you need to spend some weeks reading everything about crypto trading. There are a lot of different guides and articles on the Internet, and they will help you to get the basic knowledge.

Then, when you know something about exchanges and trades, you can think about the crypto exchange you are going to trade with.

I advise you to start trading on Binance, because this exchange is easy to use. As soon as you open the account, you will definitely have to make a deposit, because you can’t trade without it!

You can deposit but remember that it is better not to store all the money on your account.

That is why it is time to find your best Bitcoin wallet! If you have some money to spend, I advise you to buy the hardware wallet because it is safe and quite convenient.

If you did all your best to complete the above-mentioned steps, I would say that you are ready to trade.

The Two Options Are

Trade on your own.
Trade with the help of crypto trading signals.

If you manage to find the legit crypto channel with profitable predictions, you can use it.

But remember that the crypto market is full of scammers. If you were the Forex trader, you would know how many of them are and how much money they can steal from you.

Actually, I hope you will never know this and won’t be the victim of such services.

Be aware of all the risks and trade earning a profit!

What Are The Must-Have Features Of eCommerce Website Design

The success of an eCommerce website doesn’t directly depend on the quality of its products, there are a lot of other factors at play and the website design is one of them. Only the design for your eCommerce website ultimately tempts potential customers to purchase your products. There is a special set of features that can make the site user-friendly for the customers and easily manageable for the owners.

But the process of designing a website can be a tricky thing, luckily there is a great eCommerce development company, that will help you out!

An eCommerce website design with following features is hardly to fail. So for staying a successful, relevant and competitive in the market, you must take note of these 12 features.

Easy Website Navigation

There’s so much information on e-commerce websites that is needed to be shown on a single page to let your customers know everything you have to offer. So website navigation is one of the most important factors of an eCommerce website design. Visitor must smoothly access your online store’s products/services and find their descriptions, then the chances of visitors turning into customers increase considerably. Hence, navigation should be intuitive,logical and simple.

A User-friendly Menu

Your website biggest goal should be to help shoppers get to what they want faster and without running into unnecessary confusions that can irritate them while they wish to purchase. So the most crucial aspect of a professional eCommerce website design should be a user-friendly menu. It should be simple enough to understand but creatively designed to make it more appealing. Also, put the menu in a prominent place and make sure the categories and products in each category are properly named.

Advanced Search Function And Filtering

These features are must-have for every eCommerce website design as they enable customers to find the products they are looking for quickly and with ease. Filters allow shoppers to narrow down product lists and focus on the products they’re actually interested in, skipping over the pages and products they don’t need.

Customized Call-To-Action

Call-to-action buttons are aimed to encourage customers to take an action you want them to do. Only with a strong and clear CTAs your eCommerce website can generate more business. Even if visitors have known your products/services before, they will be looking for an option to take an action you want them to do. So make the CTAs very clear so that your visitors will feel ease to do their job.

High-Quality Photos

Your eCommerce website design shouldn’t be focused only on your homepage. You should also use high-quality product images throughout your design at the product page or product catalog. So every eCommerce website need to display high-quality, large, and eye-catching photos optimized for page load. Moreover, make sure that your photos can be viewed from different angles with text directing the customer’s attention to a call-to-action. Remember, images sell, not text.

Product Catalog

Creating an information-rich product catalog is a major key to converting potential customers into loyal clients for eCommerce retailers. It is a great tool for giving detailed information about your brand product or service. Usually, how is organized your catalog significantly influences buying behavior. So place products in a way that is easily identifiable to your customer, for example organize them into groups of categories: Clothes, Shoes, Bags, and Accessories. Moreover, you can break these subcategories down further.

Product Page

Detailed, convincing, and entertaining product pages are necessary if you want your online store to thrive. The product page shows customers what the products look like and helps them understand if they want to purchase the items. Moreover, you can encourage customers to continue exploring your website and products by including a section for featured products, best-sellers, exclusive items, related products, or top savers. Also, the using of micro-animations on an eCommerce website design can increase the overall experience and highlight areas of a page where you’d like your customers to focus. Micro-interactions can provide useful visual feedback, display products more effectively, and make navigating more natural.


There are many advantages of providing reviews and testimonial options. It helps to build trust with your visitors as about 88% trust online testimonials as much as personal recommendations. Furthermore, customer reviews will add keywords to your online shop, which improves your site SEO.

Special Offers And Discount

Suggesting unique offers and discounts to the customers on your product page will benefit your eCommerce website. When online buyers see a special offer ad in an eCommerce website they tend to spend more time searching the site. Limited offers give customers the now-or-never drive to finish purchases while they’re already on your site instead of saving it for later. So the most eCommerce sites are using special offers in their standard marketing practices via email, social, text, etc.

A Well-Designed Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is the number one requirement for all eCommerce websites. This is where your end consumers store their products to continue with the checkout process. So it should be simple to use. Create an account option will allow your visitors to sign up with their own login and password whenever they visit the online store without entering their information again and again. Furthermore, you can collect their contact information, especially their email address, and use them for marketing.

An Easy-To-Use Checkout

Checkout is the process about which every e-merchant have to worry because this is the stage from where money comes towards you or away of you. Usually customers don’t want to browse through more than a couple of pages. So make your customers fill out only the information that is necessary to purchase, including mailing and billing address, credit card number, and shipping option. Anything else can cause frustration, and customers will either abandon your site or make their purchase but choose not to return.

Shipping Options And Details

The ability to order online and receive the product on time can help to drive sales and create return visitors. Furthermore, it’s crucial to allow your customers to select the type of delivery options for their orders. It’s also helpful to include delivery time and options for faster delivery. Since you are now selling to the global audience, not just to the local market, you should also take the shipping costs into account.

Secure Payment Options read more

Best Online Logo Maker


Designing a website or logo can cost you $500 or more, this is a lot of money for starting a business or website. Use our free logo maker tool and save.

It's not only about the cost of the logo design, but it is also about the skills and the programming knowledge which not many people know. People that look for custom logos should look for an online logo maker tool or get in touch with expert logo designers or a web developer. This could cost them a lot of money for a single visit!

Many people that build websites ignore making logos, and for this very reason, we have written this three-minute article for you guys!

Logo Designing Is Very Important

First of all, know that logo designing is very important. Here at how to create a website we think that a logo can establish the identity of a brand in the best way possible and not only can it establish the identity of the brand but can also simply stand and be the symbol of your company or business. Your brand really is you.

We would like our visitors that read this article that nowadays there are many tools that can help you in free logo designing, but you should also know that at the same time not all of these tools and apps are workable and reliable!

For this reason, we have gathered the information about the top best logo tools that you can use for accurate and attractive logo designing!

Free Logo Maker Online Tool By SST!

First of all, if you are looking to make a free logo design when you create a website then why not use a free logo design tool online. One of the best platforms is small SEO tools. For the past years, small SEO Tools is famous for providing the best and the most accurate solutions for every kind of problem-related to the web!

We would like you guys to know that this free logo maker tool by SST is also famous as the best free logo maker tool on the internet these days and this is because of many reasons and features that we will try and explain below:

  • This is a free tool and its a very reliable online logo maker tool.
  • The online logo maker is very user-friendly, and great to design custom logos when you make a website.
  • The free logo maker has different sections to compliment the type of business you are in. Making it easy to create a business logo or personal logo.
  • Select the best template for your logo and start editing its that easy! You can change the colors, the backgrounds, the overlays and can even customize the tag text along with the logo with this amazing tool.
  • read more

    How To Secure Your eCommerce Website Without Sacrificing Design


    With experts predicting that cyber security breaches and hacking will result in cyber-crime being responsible for than $6 trillion in economic losses across the globe by the end of 2021, to say it is important to secure your eCommerce website would certainly be an understatement.

    Ensuring you have up-to-date security in place to protect you and your customers is a challenge enough, but doing so without making your website robotic or slow can be even more difficult, and here are some tips on how.

    Be Sure To Use Reliable Tools & Platforms

    Off-brand shopping certainly has it’s time and place, but not in, or anywhere near, the world of cybersecurity. Utilizing trusted, recognizable tools to protect your site is a must-do, and there are plenty of options, depending on what your needs are.

    Wix always ranks high for website creation, and offers a lot of options for customization, but once your site theme is set, it’s not able to be changed. The list of reliable web building and hosting sites is pretty long, but each has caveats like Wix. Many advertise their commerce functionality and security offerings very overtly, so be sure to shop around and read a lot of reviews.

    Prioritizing Design & Security From A Customer UX Will Light The Way read more

    Top 7 Website Template Trends To Follow


    Just creating a website is not sufficient for dreaming a flourishing business in a fiercely competitive business environment of today's marketplace. You will have to deal with numerous problems while creating a professional level website. You will have to take care of many things like choosing the right technology, themes, and development team.

    Hiring a team of professional developers is also so costly and tricky in the market nowadays. You can hire web developers in Ukraine to overcome the team hiring challenge. Hiring web developers remotely from Ukraine offers you a comprehensive and professional-grade web development experience.

    You need not worry about where and how to hire web developers for your project, just focus on your business growth ideas?

    Importance Of Website Design Templates

    There are over 1.7 billion websites worldwide at the time of writing this article. The number is counting much faster the ticking of seconds in a clock. Another important fact about the attractive website designs is that 2/3 of internet users prefer to see a good design and attractive website rather than the website with plain content.

    This behavior of internet users pushes the demand for attractive website templates and designs. Huge demand for paid and free website templates is consistently increasing in the global marketplace.

    According to the IBISWorld research information, the total revenue of the US website design market is expected to cross the $38 billion mark by 2019 with over 6.6% annual growth. The global market of web design is also one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide.

    This huge growth in the market creates demand for the web developers and subsequently, the website development cost increases significantly.

    Many recent studies suggest that only the best websites with an attractive interface and great performance can compete in the present day competitive business ecosystem. So, the importance of web designing is very high for improving customer satisfaction and user experience.

    Top 7 Trends In Modern Website Templates

    The internet user of the present has become very demanding. With the advent of faster internet technologies and better electronic gadgets, the behavior of an internet user has changed significantly.

    Newer website designs and templates are normally introduced by web designers to cater to the increasing demands of internet users. No doubt, this pushes the web development cost a bit higher.

    Let's have a look at the top 7 website templates that will trend in 2020 and have a look at their business suitability.

    1 Jevelin Template

    Jevelin is one of the best website templates that are trending in the Q3 of 2019. It is also expected to remain among the top trendy website templates in the coming year too. It is suitable for a WordPress website and supports numerous plugins.

    This template is available for download at a very reasonable price. It has great features like easy item editor, mobile-ready, responsive, SEO friendly, easy installation, wooCommerce support, and fit for multi-purpose websites.

    This template supports the drag and drops feature, option for multiple layouts that you can design for the custom look of your business. You can also hire Ukrainian developers to help you out professionally for a very reasonable price too. HTML5, CSS3, and other technologies are perfect for this template.

    2 App New Fashion

    This template design is compatible with the Bootstrap and built as Shopify 2.0 software. This web design template is perfect for fashion and designing websites. The layout of this website design template is responsive and works very effectively on all kinds of mobiles.

    Many websites dealing with clothes, shoes, glasses, gifts, and personal accessories about fashion are using this template extensively. This trend will also continuous in the coming year 2020. This template is suitable for HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and other technologies.

    3 Shoppee Template

    It is a trendy eCommerce website design templates. This template is continuously getting popular with time. It is expected to remain one of the top trendy templates in 2020. It is a muse template perfectly fit for the eCommerce and retail websites.

    It is a multipage template and allows you easier customization and faster installation. This template is mobile-ready and responsive for all platforms. Shopee web design template is paid software; you can download it for a reasonable price easily. This template is powered by GumRoad design and can be used as a multipurpose template.

    4 Wunderkind Template read more

    3 Reasons Why WordPress is Great for Building Your First Site

    The internet is an amazing place. Anyone in the world can get on it and share ideas with other like-minded people. It is unlike anything else.

    One of the most rewarding ways to do this is to become a website owner. Have you thought about the fact that if there were no websites, there would be no internet?

    The problem is, although many people would like to become website owners, not everyone has the experience or technical knowledge to build a website from scratch.

    Luckily, WordPress provides a way to get around this. It helps people all around the globe to build and manage their own websites In fact, WordPress is so popular it has 75 million active users. It is simply the easiest way to build an online presence and many people recognize this.

    If you’d like to become a website owner as well, we’ll give you our top three reasons become a WordPress user as well.

    It’s Easy to Use

    As we’ve already mentioned, creating a website via WordPress is effortless. WordPress only takes 5 minutes to install, and it installs automatically. Choosing the layout of your site is as simple as clicking on the desired theme.

    Managing your website’s features and posting content is just as easy. You can do everything through the WordPress dashboard. The dashboard is straightforward and intuitive, and hardly anyone has issues getting the hang of it.

    You can add complex functions to your website with only a few clicks. You can even turn your site into a full-fledged social network or an online store. All you need to do is download the right plugin and activate it on the dashboard.

    Everything is designed to make managing a website as simple as possible. If you have any qualms about not being technologically savvy, you have nothing to worry about with WordPress. In an unlikely event you run into some problems, WordPress support forums offer solutions to practically any issue.

    It’s Free

    This is another big selling point. If it’s your first website, you might not have much starting capital. A custom-coded website is expensive both to purchase and maintain, so most people aren’t able to afford it.

    WordPress is great here as the core software is free. Anyone can go to, download, and install it. There are no catches or hidden prices. You get the full WordPress experience for free.

    That being said, you do need to purchase quality web hosting. Having a good web host is the basis for any successful website. Luckily, this is also rather affordable; you can find good hosting solutions for as low as $60 a year. This is simply an investment you have to consider with any type of website, so there’s really no getting around it.

    It’s Secure

    Security is a concern with any website. Owners invest valuable time into their websites. Nobody wants all their effort to be lost.

    Therefore, having a secure website should be a top priority.

    Fortunately, the WordPress core is very secure. Frequent updates that ensure all possible weak points are patched up.

    All you need to do is supplement this with a powerful security plugin. Giving your site that extra security boost really goes a long way towards protecting you from any malicious attacks.

    Also, don’t forget to keep everything updated. Not updating core WordPress or plugins leaves you wide open for an attack. Otherwise, you shouldn’t worry too much about WordPress security.


    These are the three main benefits of WordPress. In essence, WordPress lets you create a secure website easily and free of charge. Who could ask for more?

    Of course, there are many more nuances to WordPress’s offer. If you’re interested and would like to see what else WordPress has in store, check out the infographic below.

    5 Alternatives Businessmen Can Use When Leaving WordPress


    No wonder people get used to WordPress: it’s convenient and easy to use on any desktop, laptop or even mobile phone. But time flies quickly, and now there are many competitors, which can either satisfy certain specific needs or be a complete WP replacement. Let’s consider 5 of them.

    First Option: Drupal

    Let me just leave it here: this option is not for new ones. It has wide functionality, full of different themes’ variants, but if you are a beginner, you will definitely have huge problems with creating sites by Drupal due to it’s complexity. Still it has some advantages to offer:

  • It’s the best use for huge enterprises, as Drupal can store big data amounts when building a website.
  • Drupal is more flexible when it comes to different content.
  • More access and permission’s control.
  • read more