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I want to create a website what do I need? You need a domain name, web hosting, website builder and a large variety of good quality backlinks from websites with the same topic as your site.

On-page SEO and OFF-page SEO is very important. What is on-page SEO? On-page SEO is anything you do on your website, like adding new web pages and filling them with great content. Off-page SEO is anything you do to promote your site, like posting a link on Facebook or Twitter. Getting some great backlinks to your home page and those important landing pages.

How To Get Backlinks

So the #1 question is how do I get backlinks? If you write good quality content when you make a website people will share your page and natural link to your site. Other site owners will link to it, giving you a free backlink, readers will use the social share buttons on the page to share the page on Facebook and Twitter giving you a free backlink. You could use a link building service to build your own backlinks. You can also make guest posts on other websites with the same topic as your site and get a free backlink in the guest post, or buy backlinks from a company like White List Marketing Firm, who are widely known for their website design Chicago services and offering the public the ability to buy high quality PR backlinks at a affordable price.

About White List Marketing Firm

White List Marketing Firm stands our among other sites that you can buy backlinks from because we work with our clients one on one, not only providing consultation to better the strategy of any project that we may encounter but to actually provide a ROI for any project started with us by the client.

This is in the best interest for the client that we may help to refine your marketing strategy or further your conversion ratio so that you can make more money and convert more customers into sales maximizing the efficiency of your site’s traffic.

If SEO is what you’re looking for an you want to buy backlinks or need a plan to get your site to the top of Google then White List Marketing Firm can provide you with a proven strategy to make your site rank highly among all the major search engines.

Primarily Google is our main target because if you rank highly in Google the other search engines will follow Google footsteps. Let one of our seasoned pro’s help you to get your site where people can find it so that you’re making more money this year.

How To Get Number One In Google

When thinking of how to get number one in Google not only do you need backlinks but to save on the cash amount spend on your backlink profile the best thing to do is to have an expert optimize your site.

This will help Google’s search engine to increase the relevancy of the target keyword phrase that you’re trying to get high in the SERPS for. Generally optimizing alt, img, img title, link title, meta data, content, and heading tags are the best choice for optimization.

If you good with HTML and understand the different tags you can optimize this yourself. SEO is confusing but if you ask any pro, they will tell you not to over-think the optimization.

Don’t try to have the page rank for a ton of keywords, just do like 2 or 3 max and make sure your densities are to about 3%.

Now comes time for the backlink profile building, this is where we take your keywords and your urls and backlink them, run them through a indexer, and a permanent redirect builder for added authority. This service will take your existing backlinks and push an absolute ton of authority on to them.

Queastion: Who helps www.2createawebsites with backlinks?
Answer: Collin McAdams of White List Marketing Firm.

He can help you get to the top ask him for advice or buy backlinks from him today.

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buy backlinks

Click on the above buy backlinks image to get your backlinks. Its important that when you buy backlinks you buy a mixed selection of backlinks starting from low to high PR. Backlinks should be on sites that relate to the topic of your site, include the most important keyword phrase for the page in the anchor text and in content that relates to the topic of the page that you are going to backlink to. Get this right and your site will be at the top of those search results.

When you are buying backlinks remember to backlink the internal pages as well as the home page. 70% of backlinks should point to the home page and the rest to your internal pages or landing pages.

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