Why WP Is The Best CMS For Sites To Achieve Sturdiness

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We get asked lots of questions as readers read our web development blogs. One question that keeps being asked is: Why WP is the best CMS for sites to achieve sturdiness.

WP is the best CMS for sites to achieve sturdiness because its probably the best website builder on the web.

Today, there are plenty of website management packages in the market like Joomla, Dot Nuke, WordPress. They all have their own advocated but the problem for most of us is that we don't have enough technical expertise to use some of the available solutions.

using WordPress as a website builder
We need a platform, which supports easier management, SEO, customization and many other options for a strong online business. What better than WordPress could that be?

WordPress has evolved as one of the robust Blogging platforms for most of the online business. People who are still unaware of its benefits are opting for static pages like .html when that shouldn't be the case.

Check out the following gains of WordPress website development and we are sure you'll end up getting convinced with what WordPress has to offer.

Search Engine Optimization

Let's begin with the most most common benefit of WordPress, SEO. WordPress is a clear choice over its rivals because of the ability to manage on-page SEO fairly well out of the box.

It's true that SEO is a complex practice consisting of hundreds of factors, but at the end of the day, a simple WordPress installation allows you to easily manage your services without coding.

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WordPress implements a plenty of search engine-friendly techniques and principles such as:

1) Permalinks

After installation WordPress, go to "Settings" tab and find a section called “Permalinks”. By default, you’ll find the permalink setting which displays URLs based on a few odd numbers and characters.

It is to ensure to optimise your URL structure, with the ability to customise the actual words once you start editing a blog post or page.

2) Title Tags & Headings

It takes us to the next set of basic SEO requirements, which you can find in "content editor". If you’re ready to add content, simply go to “add page/post”. At first, you’ll want to add the title. Under that, you’ll find your URL structure, which is easy to edit, without touching any code.

3) Optimized Content

Once you have added the content, next you'll use "Visual Rich Text editor" to bold and underline words, upload images, add additional heading tags and hyperlink to other internal or external web pages. All of this will ensure that your content is easy to locate for the search engine spiders and crawlers.

WordPress Theme Customization

Every business owner has some desires when it comes to creating a website. You would want your online business to have its own look, and that's why WordPress offers you a plenty of opportunities to customise a website as you need.

Easy Improve The Look

There are endless themes with WordPress platform that you can use for providing an appealing look to your website. Not only you can create an enticing design by customising WordPress themes but also be able to add preferred functionality on your site, just to make it more user-oriented and alluring.

Help From Developers

Sometimes, you may need the help of developers if you are looking for advanced features in your site as it'll require expertise in CSS and HTML coding. We recommend contacting website design company’s if you are looking for custom themes or someone to build a website for your.

Most Themes Are Free

While most of the themes are free, it is advisable to go with a premium theme because free always have some or other limitations. The good thing about using a premium service is you don't have to pay too much to have too much. What else a person need!


As you might be aware of the fact that a slow loading website will divert your audience to some other website of the similar niche, it is important to have a website that can compete with the 4G speed of the Internet.

Even Google has made it clear that they consider the speed of a website as one of the important factors of better search engine ranking. It calls for a website which uploads fast.

Using an appropriate theme for WordPress will ensure your website's good loading speed. If still, your website is little slow, you can use seamless options offered by the website to expedite the loading time such as CDN, CloudFlare and cache plugins and much more.

Community Support

It is by far one of the best benefits of using WordPress as your website platform. WordPress is widely used and supports 27% of the total sites on Internet which means there is a large community out there of its users to support each other.

You can find plenty of message boards, blog posts, e-books, online tutorials, forums and much more. All of them are devoted to helping you get the most out of WordPress.

At anytime during the day or night, you can just shoot a question and surely, there'll be more than ten answers to your one question.


It's true that none of the available platforms guarantees a package entirely free from all vulnerabilities. You can even look for it, and if you do find one, it'll be fake. However, WordPress is widely known as one of the most secure platforms as it regularly updates its plugins, themes and core languages.

Still, there is nothing that assures you a website free from all kind of security attacks. What you can do to ensure a safe website is regularly backup your site, include updated plugins, use a unique and complicated password and avoid sharing information with strangers.


To know if WordPress is a right choice for you, identify what you want for your online business presence. Consider all the functionality you require including forms, connectivity with social media, online catalogue, online shopping cart, etc.

Probability is, you are most likely to choose WordPress for your website.


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