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make a website with YolaMake a Website With Yola. If you want to make your own website then you could try Yola. Yolas site builder is easy to use and you do not need to learn any HTML coding or need any web design knowledge to create a website. Yola is based in the United States, this means that their web hosting is from the United States and that could help your website rank better in the USA.

One thing that will help your site to rank better in a certain country is to host your site and get good quality backlinks from websites that are hosted in that country so it makes sense to use Yolas website builder if you would like your site to rank high in the US search engines.

Once you have made your website find other websites in the US to backlink to, you could find lots of Yola users by joining Yola on their social networks from there you will be able to make friends with other Yola users and ask them to exchange links with you, building your sites link structure with other sites from the US.

Using The Yola Website Builder

Yola offers a few different website packages, and the one that you need will be the Yola Silver package this has all the features you need to make a professional website. Once you have signed up you will be able to sign into your Yola website builder and make your own website.

The Yola site builder has lots of features that you can easily use and you do not need to learn any coding, Yola site builder does all the coding for you. All the below features are displayed on the website builder in the top menu bar, they easy to get to making it easy to make a website with Yola and edit your Yola website design:


  • Change you Favicon
  • Change the language that your site uses to display widgets
  • Provide your business location
  • Provide your business phone number


  • H1 Heading. Change your h1 heading with a click of a button, change text size and colour quick and easy. The h1 heading tag is after your title and description tag the next most important tag on a page and and Yola make it easy to get to and edit. The h1 heading tag is different on each page, and should be a accurate description of what the page is about.
  • Banner. This is how you will change the top banner image on your Yola site, your new image will be uploaded and hosted on your site and displayed on your web page, all done by the site builder, like I said you don’t need to know any coding.
  • Background. Want to have your own background image then click the background button upload your image press publish and your websites background will have the image easy as that. Maybe you just want to change the background colour and not have a background image, then select the colour you want save it and publish, you guessed it your Yola website has a new background colour, its so easy a child can do it.
  • Metadata. Click the metadata button and a pop up will open, and you will be able to place your Title tag Description tag and Keywords text in the pop up for the page you working on. Your Title tag is probably the most important tag on the page, followed by the Description tag which is the next most important tag. They should also be an accurate account of what the page is about and have your main keywords for that page in.
  • Navigation. You guessed it here is where you edit your site menu, you can make sub menus, change menu titles and lots more.

Yola has lots of widgets that you can use and from the Yola website builder all you have to do is click on the widgets button and drag the widget onto your Yola site builder where you want it and the widget will open allowing you to edit it, all very easy to use, below are some of the widgets available to design your own website.

  • Text. The text widget is used to place text on your Yola website design, edit the colour, size, font all from the text widget editing your site is easy, when you done save and publish.
  • Picture. Upload a single picture or image using this widget.
  • Picture Gallery. Make a gallery of pictures, it will display a thumbnail of the images and clicking any one of the thumbnails your picture gallery will open in a pop up, visitors can then browse your picture gallery .
  • Column divider. Using the column divider you can make neat columns on your site, then drag another image and text widget into the column divider and they will automatically be next to each other.
  • HTML Code. For more advanced users that want to have HTML code on their site this is the widget to use, place any HTML code in this widget and it will work on your site.
  • Horizontal line. Place a horizontal line across your page to separate different sections.
  • Add Google maps, YouTube videos, contact forms and more.

Changing The Look Or Style Of Your Yola Website Design

When it comes to changing the style of your site its all done from the web site builder, look for the Style button and click it you will be able to choose from hundreds of free templates, select the one you want and bingo you have just changed the look of your site in a few seconds, Yola makes it easy to change your Yola web design.

SEO And Yola

Make sure your site is optimized for search engines with Yola traffic builder, again its easy to find, look for the SEO button in the web site builder. Get found on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Scan your most important keywords and identifies pages from which they are missing then all you do is add them, it also spots errors that can hurt your rankings and shows you how to fix them.

Monitors traffic to your site highlighting keywords that got them there, you will also learn and track the performance of optimal phrases. The Yola traffic builder is only available if you upgrade to Yola Gold.

Summary: You can make a website with Yola it has all the web design tools you need to make your own website.