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webmaster tools to help you build a better websiteWebmaster Tools. When you make a website there are lots of Webmaster tools that will analyze your site and the page you are building and give you a report from the report you can improve your sites meta tags, headings and content. Each page that you build should be checked, its like having your own SEO team to guide and correct your mistakes, helping you build a better website.

The SEO tools use the same techniques that Google and search engines use so you will be able to see how well your page is optimized for its keywords. This is just as important as having a nice looking page, maybe more important as if your page does not rank well in search engines then no one will visit your site.

Each page on your site has the opportunity to rank for it’s keywords, remember this, take your time when you build a page, make sure its right use the Webmaster tools to help you analyze each new page you build and if you get a poor report do not leave it improve your page and then run the analysis again until you get it to the best you can.

Find The Best Keywords For Your Site

How do you find the best keywords for each page you make? Do you know how many visitors use those keywords in a month? Whats the point of ranking on the first page of Google for a search term that only 10 people a month use.

There is a keyword tool that once you put a keyword in it will give you keyword suggestions and whats great is the Webmaster tool will also tell you how many visitors use that search term a month, now you will be able to set up your page for the keywords that are searched by thousands, and millions of visitors and if your page ranks get some of those visitors.

The Faster Your Site Loads The Higher It Ranks

How fast does your site load? The faster it loads the happier your visitors will be. Visitors don’t wait for sites to load, if it takes to long they move on to the next site.

Search engines also rank slower loading pages below faster pages. Use the Webmaster tool to do a website speed test on your site from the results you will be able to see whats making your site slow and maybe remove some images or scripts from the page, maybe even remove some content from the page and use it on another page.

Find The Position Of Your Site On Search Engines

This Webmaster tool will save you a lot of time. Place your URL and keyword phrase in the website position checker and it will tell you what position your site is, saving you doing a manual search page by page on Google.

Make a note of your position and check it in two weeks time see if your position has changed. Once you know the position you can also search on Google for it and you will know where to find it, what page it is on in the search results.

Find The Broken Links On Your Site

Damaged links can damage your site’s SEO use the broken link checker to find broken links on your site and remove them.

The broken link checker will find the broken links and show you the page they are on and highlight the link on the page making it easy for you. All you have to do is remove it.

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