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web page analyzerWeb Page Analyzer. If you want to create a website and need help with your web page’s to see if they are over or under optimized then try the web page analyzer, its a free Webmaster tool that will analyzer web page’s for free. From the results you will be able to see how well the web page you test is optimized and improve your page. The web page analyzer runs a serious of tests.

These tests are done on your keywords, meta tags, anchor text links, bold text, italic text, image alt tags and lots more. It even will give you the position of the page you are testing on Google if your page is in the first few page’s of search results.

Its important not to over optimism your web page’s with your keywords and now you will be able to see how many times you have the keywords on the page and gives you the keyword percentage, from these results you can add more of the same keyword or remove some of the same keywords if you are over optimized.

How To Get Each Page Optimized To Rank High

Its a lot harder to get on the first page of search results today and you need help. When you create a new page forget about cramming keywords on the page this will only damage the site.

Select a good title and description for the page and make sure its what the page is about. Mention your main keywords a few times in your content and that’s all it needs.

Google does not use the keyword tag anymore it’s the content on the web page that counts. Do not copy from other sites as if that content is already indexed then search engines have indexed it already and will know you copied it.

If others copy your site and you the first to publish the content it’s fine, your site will rank for that content the other site will not. Use the web page analyzer to see how search engine’s see your page its like having a SEO expert advising you on each page you build, from the results improve your page if you need to.