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Rank Higher With A Faster Loading Website

UPDATED: AUGUST 19, 2016 – ARTICLE: Test Website Speed

Category: Website Design & Development

website speed testTest Website Speed. How fast is your site? Why you ask? Did you know that the faster your site loads the higher it will rank in search engines and you will not lose impatient visitors. Do you wait for a site to load if it’s slow? Then why will visitors wait for your site to load? How is your bounce rate it could be high due to the fact that visitors are not waiting for your site to finish loading and they off to the next site.

Each page on your site has the opportunity to rank on the first page of search results providing its well optimized for it’s keywords and load’s fast. Test website speed on each page and from the results improve your website speed.

Do A Page Speed Test On Each Web Page Of Your Site

If you are creating a website or have a website then make sure you test website speed on each web page if the page speed is fast well done, but if the results show you that your page speed is slow then rebuild the page and make it fast.

Don’t worry when you test website speed the report will give you a breakdown of each item or object on your web page with the file size so you will know where to start and what to remove to make the web page faster, this Webmaster tool should be used on each web page.

Before you remove anything write down your page speed then redo the test once you have made the change’s and see the difference.

What Make’s A Page Slow

Be careful of how many image’s and the size of the image you have on a page. If you have more than two or three then think about removing some pictures. Do you really need so many images?

Are your image’s the correct size, do not load a large picture then resize the picture using the image size in the code the picture will look smaller but the loading time will be for the larger picture, rather use the image resizer this will not only make the image smaller it will also reduce the image file size for faster loading.

Then use the image optimizer to remove unnecessary bytes from the image file, reducing the image file size even more without effecting the image quality.

Be careful how many Scripts you have running on the page when you make your own website this will also slow your page down.