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backlink checkerBacklink Checker. Find out how many backlinks your site has, when was the last backlink added to your site and lots more with the backlink checker. Backlinks are important for your SEO and you need to get some on a regular basis, also rather get a few good quality high authority backlinks rather than lots of low quality backlinks.

Backlinks are a link from one site to another the more good quality backlinks that link to your site the stronger your site will get. Think of a backlink as a vote the more votes you get the better your site will do in search engines.

How To Backlink

When you backlink to another site’s, blog’s, forum’s etc. the URL that you use should have different anchor text in the title and should be the same as your main keyword phrases you are trying to rank the page for.

The main keyword phrase should not be placed in the anchor text more than 15% use different keyword phrases that relate to your keywords for the balance of the anchor title’s. The trick is to build your website with a backlink network to your site that is natural.

Find sites, forum’s and blogs and do your backlinks yourself. Try do a few extra backlinks than the previous month each time you build backlinks increasing your backlinks you build every month.

Even use no follow links. Don’t use backlink software and be careful who you ask to build backlinks.

Where To Find Backlinks

If you want to get some free backlinks use the free backlink builder tool to find blogs, sites, and forums as the same topic as your site its quick and fast.

Once you have found the site contact the site owner and exchange links with them and nine times out of ten they except because your site is the same topic as there site.

There are free and paid sites on the net that are called free link submission and this Webmaster tool use those to give you over 300 free backlinks for your blog or site.

Once a month you should check your complete site for broken or dead links and remove them as they can effect your SEO. Use a tool like the broken link checker. This Webmaster tool will scan your site and find broken links it will then give you the page they are on and the position making it easy to remove dead links.

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