Best Hosting For My WordPress Website

Cheap Or Free Is Not Always Best When It Comes To Hosting Your New Website


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Which is the best hosting for my WordPress website? It is easy to create a blog now days. You don’t need an extensive knowledge in programming to set up your own website. In fact, you can start a blog within 5 minutes in a blogging platform, such as WordPress.

WordPress is an online open source blogging platform, which enables users to manage their websites easily. You can start a blog in WordPress for free.

You could also find a web design company to build you a website using WordPress that way you would be able to update and add new content to your WordPress website all by yourself.

Free WordPress Hosting

free WordPress hosting
There are a lot of disadvantages in using the free version of WordPress

However, there are a lot of disadvantages in using the free version of WordPress. The free version will somewhat limit your space and freedom.

You also have no choice in terms of your domain name, since it will most likely end with You will also have a hard time monetizing your blog using the free version of WordPress.

If you want to take blogging into the next level by monetizing your site, you should consider finding a web hosting company, which can give you a lot of freedom.

A web host is an investment because it provides you a space on the server, making your website available to those who want to read your blog.

We Are The Best

Lots of hosting company’s answer the question which is the best hosting for my WordPress website by claiming to be the best. They’re offering various services such as plans with different packages that ordinary people can’t understand.

For this reason, it is important to know the different kinds of web hosting and which one is suitable for your needs. If you’re not knowledgeable about the different kinds of web hosting solutions, you may end up paying more than what you need.

Different Kinds Of Web Hosting

Next we will briefly tell you about the different types of hosting. If you are still unsure please feel free to contact us before you sign up and we will answer any questions you may have on hosting.

Shared Server Hosting

The shared server hosting is the cheapest among all the web hosting services. The reason behind this is because you’ll be sharing a server along with thousands of other websites. It’s like you’re sharing a rent with other people.


  • It’s the cheapest. The price ranges from $2 – $20.
  • The CPanel is user-friendly. It doesn’t require an extensive knowledge in programming.
  • It’s recommended for users who don’t use a large amount of data. It’s ideal for starters who want to create a blog.


  • The other websites whom you’re sharing the server with can affect you.
  • They can slow you down if they’re using a lot of resources.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

You have your own space using a virtual private server hosting. You will no longer share a server with thousands of other websites.


  • The performance of the other websites doesn’t affect you anymore.
  • Faster loading time.


  • It’s a bit costly. The price ranges from $10 – $70.
  • It requires a little technical knowledge.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Using a dedicated server hosting, you’ll own the whole server. You won’t be sharing anything with anyone anymore. You have full control over your website.


  • You have the full control in the maintenance of your website.
  • You can use a lot of resources.
  • Fast loading time.


  • The most expensive of all. It costs $60 – $1000
  • Requires extensive technical knowledge.

The Verdict

Question: Which is the best hosting for my WordPress website

Answer: If you’re just a beginner, and you just want to create a blog that won’t use a lot of resources like YouTube and Instagram, you should consider buying the shared server hosting.

If you notice that you’re already using too many resources like a huge amount of disk space and bandwidth, you can upgrade your hosting solution to VPS (virtual private server) at any time.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to build a website similar to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, you should consider paying for a dedicated server.

For further assistance, you can also find more on the best web hosting on our website 2createawebsites or hire a WordPress developer and get better results.