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Be Careful Of Free Website Builders


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wed design tutorialsWeb Design Tutorials. If you want to learn how to create a website then our web design tutorials can lead you in the right direction. Anyone can now make a website and save not having to hire a web designer, the site builders of today will do all the HTML coding for you but which site builder will be right for you, how do you decide? One of the first websites that I made was with a company that offered a free website.

It used a drag and drop system and was very easy to use. The problem was that the company had links on the footer of each page that advertised them saying build a free website, not very professional for me.

Also the site builder was limited and to do more I needed to upgrade which I eventually did this removed the bottom link and gave me more tools on the site builder. As I found out its not a good idea to use a free website builder as you will be limited and you will end up upgrading, costing money.

What If I Want To Move My Site?

Another thing when you use a website builder all your files will be uploaded to their server in there way, if you ever have to move your site its difficult as I found out, rather use web hosting and use WordPress to build your site its great.

All web hosting services use the same format when they upload your files so if you find that the hosting company that you have chosen is not that good you can easily move to another hosting company, and the new hosting company will move your files for you to get your business.

Once you sign up for web hosting you will get a control panel from the hosting company with lots of different web design tools and site builders, it will not cost you more than $ 10.00 a month, in other words you can build your own website for less than $ 10.00 a month and use a site builder like WordPress to design your site.

Build A Professional Website With WordPress

Once you have signed up to your web hosting account look on the dashboard for Fantastico De Luxe and click it then look for WordPress and full in the required details and install WordPress.

If you have your own domain use it if not register a domain before you start the process. WordPress will send a email with your details and the sign in URL use it to sign in to your WordPress Dashboard. When you click your domain you will have the standard WordPress theme, from your dashboard you can go to themes and change it and start to make your website using all the editing tools on the dashboard. WordPress is free and so are a lot of the themes and plugins, all you pay for is web hosting.

You do not need any web design or HTML knowledge to build a website with WordPress it’s very easy to use and there are lots of video’s and web design tutorials to help you if you want to find something out, the WordPress forums are a good place to get help if you need it. WordPress is one of the best ways that you can build a website and Google loves it just be careful of how many plugins you install as this will slow your sites loading time down and visitors will not wait for your site to load and search engines also don’t like slow loading sites.

WordPress Is SEO Friendly

One of the main reasons you create a website is to get as many visitors as you can to visit your site so using a website builder that is SEO friendly will get you your visitors, provided it’s all set up correctly and you have good unique content on your site. Do not copy from other sites write your own content and when you do don’t worry about stuffing keywords in, try write content in a natural way. To make your site SEO friendly you might have to install a few extra free WordPress plugins depending on the theme that you are using.

If your theme does not include the all in one SEO pack you should do a search in plugins and install it. The all in one SEO pack is a free plugin and what it does is in the dashboard below the text editor you will find a new section that will ask you for the page title, page description and keywords of the page or blog post you working on.

Your page title is the most important tag on your site and should be what the page is about, also this is what visitors see in the search results along with the page description. Make it interesting use your main keywords for the page, do the same with the page description.

The page title should not have more than 60 characters, the page description should not be longer than 160 characters. They keyword tag is not used by Google any more but its a good idea to place your keywords in it as other search engines could still use it, place your most important keywords first followed by the less important.

To help Google and other search engines find your site and page’s on your site you will need a sitemap. If your theme does not have one then search for a sitemap plugin, or do a search for Google XML Sitemaps in the plugins.

Its free, once you find it install it then go and set it up. The sitemap will ping search engines and tell them every time you make a new page or post or update a page or post. Once set correctly you do not have to do anything the sitemap will ping search engines when new content is added to your site helping your SEO.