Top Reasons To Choose WordPress As Your Blogging Site When You Create A Website

Why Choose The WordPress Platform ?


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WordPress made its mark as a blogging platform but soon it took over the status of a functional content management system. The continuous support from the WordPress community resulted in the global popularity of this CMS. The functionality that comes with this functional platform has made it one of the most renowned podiums to choose for website development needs.

WordPress is available for free, which is one of the major reasons to choose WordPress as your blogging site when you create your website.

Reasons to Choose WordPress as your Blogging Site
To a number of people, WordPress is just a free blogging software where content publishing is a cakewalk for the users. However, the features of this software make it much more functional than that. WordPress is equally popular amongst bloggers and online retailers. Latter community adores it for the ease provided when a website is built and the former as a featured packed platform.

In this writeup, we are presenting intriguing reasons, enough to answer “why choose WordPress as your blogging site ”?.

Robust Content Management System

Robust Content Management System: This platform is powerful as a content management system as it offers the opportunity to users to control their content published over this CMS. Due to its simplicity, WordPress can be used by anyone. It is simple to install and there are a number of free themes available on the platform. These are easy to install, use and customize as per the requirement of the users. In addition to it, WordPress can be utilized to developed attractive e-commerce websites that will help the users accomplish their shopping purposes smoothly. That’s why you should choose WordPress as your blogging site.

Search Engine Friendly Podium: WordPress websites filled with the right content have the potential to improve their ranking in various search engine results. Users can easily customize the webpage’s permalink ensuring that the post’s title is incorporated in the URL. Moreover, there are a number of techniques that can further be used to optimize a page for being search engine friendly. Adding your WordPress post to social networks is another technique to help a WordPress website score top in the search rankings.

An Open Source Platform: WordPress is an open source platform that means all of its codes are easy to access and customize by anyone willing to do so. The feature provides much room to integrate your own themes, develop your own blog and customize your website’s features as per your requirements. WordPress website owners can do almost anything to offer unique user experience to the visitors. There are greater number of tools to accomplishing customization as required. If you know what to provide, it is easy to offer with WordPress.

Use Of Themes And Plugins: Having more than 60 million of users worldwide, WordPress empowers more than 25% of the websites in the world. The platform comes free with exceptional plugins and themes that can further be customized. When it comes to WordPress, there is a plugin for every task you wish to perform over your website. With the help of plugin directory developed by WordPress community, a number of plugins can be used to customize the site. Moreover, there are complex galleries, sophisticated sliders and social media widgets that can also be used to make the most customized website.

WordPress Is Free To Use: WordPress comes free of cost, excluding the charge you need to pay for the web hosting services. There are free and paid plugins and themes that can be downloaded and used as per the requirement and the preference. Even being free of cost, WordPress is stuffed with quality features that are worth. Although the platform comes free of cost, but it is priceless. WordPress is exceptional to use either for developing website or to use as a blogging platform.

Ease Of Use And Installation: WordPress is easy to install and use. You do not need to learn codes or use HTML tags for managing the content or accessing the website. However, a certain level of knowledge should always be there with you to manage the task efficiently. The good news with using WordPress is that you don’t need to be an expert of a complicated program to accomplish the installation of the website. More to it, posting new comments is also easy when you are working with WordPress.

Ease Of Adding Functionality: When it comes to adding functionality, WordPress offers “functionality plugin” to add features over the newly developed website. For any WordPress related issue, there is a plugin available as a solution. These plugins also help to increase user experience. Functionality plugin is just like any other plugin that can easily be found at WordPress plugin repository. The plugin remains specific to your website and won’t be distributed publicly. It is one plugin to customize all the features of the website.

A Flexible CMS: When it comes to flexibility, WordPress is one of the most flexible frameworks to work with. The platform is easy to use for adding or customizing things are per the requirement, even by users themselves. One needs not to be a coding expert to execute the task of customizing the website. Because of this reason, WordPress is equally considered by bloggers as well as web developers when it comes to utilizing the platform. Moreover, presence of extraordinary themes and plugins is additional benefit provided by this useful content management system to the users.

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WordPress has a lot more to offer to the users when the platform is utilized for web development requirements. The platform has a continuous support of the WordPress community that exceptionally helps resolve issues as soon as they appear. The reasons stated here are more than enough to encourage users to opt for WordPress if they are starting their blogging websites or wishing to develop an e-commerce website.