What Is Image Compression

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what is image compressionWhat Is Image Compression. Image compression is a way you can reduce the file size in bytes without effecting the image quality of the image or photo. Compressing an image or compressing photos will allow more images, photos to be stored in a given amount of disk space. And one of the most important things for web designers is that compressed images will reduce the time required for images to load over the internet.

There are a few different ways that you can compress images, the three that are most common compressed graphic image formats are the JPEG format, PNG format and the GIF format, and all should be compressed before you upload them to your site.

Make sure the image is the correct size before you use image tools to compress an image, do not reduce the image size by editing the size in the image code as the image file size will still be the same rather use a image resizer to reduce the image size this will also reduce the image file size for faster loading then use image compression to reduce the file size even more.

How To Compress Images

There are lots of different image tools on the internet that you can use to compress an image but one of the best is to use the image optimizer from Smush.it.

It is a “loss less” tool, this means it will optimize any image format and reduce the image file size by removing white space and unnecessary bytes from the image file without changing the look or visual quality, and reports how many bytes would be saved by optimizing the image and provides a downloadable zip file with the minimized image files.

Any images on your site should be optimized this way, sometimes its all the little things that you do when you make a website that will help you beat your competitors and by compressing pictures and compressing image files before you upload them to a web page will help the page load that little faster for your visitors and help improve your rankings in search engines as faster loading pages rank better.